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Flexible, odourless silicone hospital tubing
Jehbco Manufacturing
Jehbsil Silicone tubing suitable for hospital applications
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John Morris Group’s Industrial Division is proud to represent leading brands such as the MTS Systems , PCB Piezotronics , IMI Sensors , The Modal Shop , Larson Davis , Sentek Dynamics , Crystal Instruments , Viatran and Scanivalve to the Industrial ...
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STOCKCAP specialise in caps and plugs for thread protection, sealing, masking and finishing your products. They can supply push-in, screw-in, push-on and blank-off styles in flexible or rigid plastics to suit all your needs. Established in 1950, STOCKCAP ...
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Established in 1974, Jehbco Manufacturing specialise in the manufacture of silicone rubber products. Their range of Jehbsil extrusions, tubing, fabricated gaskets, corona sleeving and associated products are made to the utmost quality standards. ...
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TXS Pty Ltd specialise in a range of Silicone Products including reinforced silicon tubing, silicone house couplers, silicon reducers, silicon tubes, intercooler hoses, hump hoses and related solutions.
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Jehbco silicone tubes
Supplier news
22/02/13 - Silicone tubes from Jehbco Manufacturing offer a better alternative to silicone sponge when used as a seal for castings and fittings that are not uniform in size.
Jehbsil silicone tubing
Supplier news
30/08/12 - Jehbsil silicone tubing, available from Jehbco Manufacturing is available in practically any size.
Supplier news
07/08/12 - Jehbco Manufacturing's technical team has been hard at work over the past few weeks constructing a new and improved website for the company.
These sleeves are comprised of high quality silicone and fibreglass
Supplier news
13/07/12 - These quality silicone and fibreglass high temperature electrical insulation sleeves from Jehbco Manufacturing have an operating temperature range of -70°C - +200°C
Clear silicone tubing products available from Jehbco Manufacturing
Supplier news
21/06/12 - Clear silicone tubing products from Jehbco Manufacturing are manufactured from 100% platinum silicone elastomer.
Watson-Marlow Bredel has introduced LaserTraceability on its Pumpsil platinum-cured silicone tubing
Supplier news
12/12/11 - Watson-Marlow Bredel has introduced LaserTraceability on its Pumpsil brand of platinum-cured silicone tubing in response to demands from the bio-pharmaceutical industry and the FDA.
Jehbco Manufacturing reinforced tubing
Supplier news
02/08/11 - Jehbco Manufacturing construct and supply reinforced tubing that can be used in a variety of applications, such as coolant hose for industrial machinery.
Silicone tubing from John Morris Scientific
Supplier news
27/10/09 - John Morris Scientific offer the Cole Parmer range of silicone tubing for all fluid handling applications.

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