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Silicone Rubber Keypads

Interworld Electronics
Interworld Electronics specialise in Industrial and Embedded PCs, Medical Computing, Remote Power Management, Computer Telephony Communications, Data Acquisition and Remote Power Management. Remote Power Management allows ...
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Operating since 1984, APC Technology has provided rugged computer systems used in some of the most severe environments on earth. APC Technology designs and manufactures state-of-the-art computer/control technology packages for industrial clients who ...
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Intrinsically Safe Keyboards, from Interworld Electronics
Supplier news
26/11/08 - Interworld Electronics has expanded its industrial and special function keyboards to include the iKey range of Intrinsically Safe keyboards.
DT-5K-MEM-TP membrane keyboard
Supplier news
22/05/08 - The new membrane keyboard DT-5K-MEM-TP, from APC Technology, are built to withstand the harsh environments with a hard coated, textured, polyester film that is more rugged than industrial silicone rubber keypads.

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