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Silicon Coated Sleeving

Established in 1974, Jehbco Manufacturing specialise in the manufacture of silicone rubber products. Their range of Jehbsil extrusions, tubing, fabricated gaskets, corona sleeving and associated products are made to the utmost quality standards. ...
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 Stainless steel braided hose assemblies. Flexible metal hose assemblies. Stainless steel braiding. Thermal Protective Sleeving. Silco sleeve. Fiberglass sleeve. Sillica sleeve. Convoluted Hose. Corrugated Hose. Pressure Welding Service. Food Grade ...
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These sleeves are comprised of high quality silicone and fibreglass
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13/07/12 - These quality silicone and fibreglass high temperature electrical insulation sleeves from Jehbco Manufacturing have an operating temperature range of -70°C - +200°C

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