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Australian Pump Industries
Australian Pump Industries provide first class products and support in pump and cleaning products. Their product range includes a vast range of pumps, cleaning equipment, hydrostatic testers, ag spray and total defense support. Based in Baulkham Hills, ...
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Morgan Industrial Carbon is a member of the globally succesful Morgan Crucible Company Plc. Established within Australia more than 70 years ago, we have been supplying Electrical and Mechanical carbon products across a vast range of industries, using ...
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B4XRA semi-trash pump
Supplier news
03/07/07 - A cast iron 4 inch semi-trash pump designed for both high pressure and high flow performance has been released by Australian Pump Industries.
Self-priming pump.
Supplier news
12/10/04 - AUSTRALIAN Pump Industries has released a cast 316-grade stainless steel self priming pump designed for food industry waste pump out.
Two stainless pumps in a food processing plant.
Supplier news
17/08/04 - AUSTRALIAN Pump Industries has released a new cast 316 grade stainless steel self-priming pump designed for food industry waste pump out. Called the Aussie GMP Model BKQ2A, the corrosion resistant pump offers major advantages for waste sump applications.
The trolley mounted trash pump.
Supplier news
19/06/03 - A NEW heavy duty 3” trash pump is available in a trolley mounted configuration to provide plants with portable pumping power. Called the Aussie GMP model 133KQA the pump is capable of flows of up to 1000 litres per minute and heads to 15 metres.

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