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Shock Recorders

Shock data loggers
Warsash Scientific Pty Ltd.
The ShockLog range of impact and environmental recorders have been designed for use in the monitoring of critical goods and equipment that need special care and handling durin
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Applied Measurement Australia
Since 1976 Applied Measurement has focused on providing high quality products and services for engineered measurement, and industrial automation applications. Typically this has involved pressure, force, torque, position, strain, acceleration and inertial ...
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Warsash Scientific is a leading supplier of scientific instruments and components serving Australian and New Zealand research, defence and industry. We specialise in Nanopositioning, Spectroscopy, Photonics, MEMS, Vibration Analysis, Thermal Monitoring ...
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ShockBug shock and vibration recorder
Supplier news
27/06/12 - Warsash Scientific presents the ShockBug shock and vibration recorder designed to record shock events experienced during the transportation, storage and usage of products.
298TR ShockLog
Supplier news
03/05/12 - Available from Warsash Scientific, the 298TR ShockLog by Lamerholm is a shock recorder that features advanced tri-axial piezo electric accelerometer technology.
TecsPak GBR-55 radial bumper
Supplier news
20/03/09 - Miner Elastomer Products Corporation have launched the new TecsPak GBR-55 radial bumper product line, which is available from Norman G Clark.
Shock101-EB Tri-axial shock recorder
Supplier news
09/12/08 - The Shock101-EB Tri-axial shock recorder, available from Pacific Sensor Technologies, is a high speed, stand alone, 3-axis shock recorder with extended battery life.
UltraShock Tri-Axial Shock Recorder
Supplier news
18/07/07 - Pacific Sensor Technologies UltraShock Tri-Axial Shock Recorder logs maximum shock, temperature, humidity, air pressure and time
Pacific Sensor Technologies PST-UltraShock-EB
Supplier news
04/04/07 - Pacific Sensor Technologies PST-UltraShock-EB by MadgeTech’s is a battery powered, stand alone temperature, pressure, humidity and 3-axis shock recorder.
Shock recorders and detectors
Supplier news
03/07/03 - LAMBERHOLM Electronics has introduced the RD298 ShockLog, a programmable, re-usable electronic tri-axial shock recorder designed specifically to help organisations reduce the cost of damage to goods, whether in production, transit or storage.
Impact-O-Graph indicator.
Supplier news
13/02/02 - IMPACT-O-Graph impact indicators tell when a sensitive product has been dropped or abused during shipment or handling. The indicators provide evidence of abusive handling even though the damage is concealed within an unbroken container.

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