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Longspan Shelving Systems
Supplier news
25/03/11 - Longspan shelving systems been designed to fit into tight and narrow areas, and for holding boxes, parts or any object that is reasonably heavy (can hold up to 650kg per shelf and 4 tonnes per bay).
Narrow aisle racking systems available from Maloufs
Supplier news
03/02/11 - Narrow aisle racking systems are designed for safe and efficient handling within narrow aisles and to maximise the height at which goods can be stacked.
Library Shelving Systems
Supplier news
26/01/11 - The OFS Group supplies a wide range of filing and shelving systems from Brownbuilt, an Australian industry pioneer since 1885 that has innovated several shelving solutions for commercial applications.
Long Span Shelving Systems
Supplier news
13/01/11 - Metalsistem Australia offers a comprehensive range of shelving and pallet racking solutions for businesses and industries.
Namco shelving units from The OFS Group
Supplier news
03/12/10 - Namco shelving units from The OFS Group are available fully assembled for customer convenience.
Metalsistem shelving from The OFS Group
Supplier news
02/12/10 - Metalsistem shelving and dividers from The OFS Group have been designed to meet the needs of light to medium duty storage.
Supplier news
01/12/10 - Abax Industrial introduces the innovative and durable Super Inox Series shelving solutions, designed for the storage of light to medium goods.
Storage Ideas offers adjustable shelving systems suitable for cool rooms or dry goods applications
Supplier news
16/11/10 - These adjustable shelving systems are available in standard or customized sizes with wire shelves designed specifically for cool room applications and particle board and/or steel shelves for use in dry store applications.
Unirack upright shelving can now be further reinforced with newly available frame bracing
Supplier news
05/11/10 - Metalsistem Australia is pleased to present a range of new frame bracing components for the Unirack upright shelving series.
Frost perforated plastic shelf panels are coloured light green for easy distinction
Supplier news
03/11/10 - Metalsistem Australia's has designed a a new perforated plastic shelf panel for use within low temperature environments, such as cool rooms.
Metalsistem Super 1-2-3 shelving systems
Supplier news
28/10/10 - Abax Industrial is a distributor of Metalsistem storage and display solutions, including the Super 1, Super 2, and Super 3 Series (Super 1-2-3) shelving solutions.
Unirack Series warehouse shelving systems
Supplier news
27/10/10 - Abax Industrial now supply Metalsistems’ Unirack Series of warehouse shelving systems.

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