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Shear Genius turret punch press
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21/11/11 - A Maxitec client was recently able to overcome a major challenge created by a change in raw materials while also gaining key efficiencies along the way in their manufacturing processes.
RAs Reinhardt's XL Centre folding machine.
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05/04/11 - RAS Reinhardt's XL Centre, the folding innovation for light gauge sheet metal profiles, is now available from Sheetmetal Machinery Australia.
SMC Precision Sheetmetal operate a number of different inserting machines
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11/11/10 - SMC Precision Sheetmetal currently operate a number of different inserting machines.
Bi-directional folding beam on the MAK 4 Evo eliminates arduous part flipping
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03/11/10 - A new heavy plate bending machine is now available from sheetmetal machinery expert Maxitec that incorporates a bi-directional folding beam designed to eliminate any need to flip over a part.
TuffBend steel folding machine is one of ten press brake machines used at SMC Precision Sheetmetal
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30/03/10 - SMC Precision Sheetmetal operate ten CNC press brake steel folding machines, including one that features state-of-the-art bending robot technology from Trumpf.
Several laser cutting machines from SMC offer precise and quality results
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26/03/10 - Three flatbed laser cutters and four combination laser punches are operated by SMC Precision Sheetmetal, along with Trumpf laser cutting technology.
CNC punching is offered by SMC Precision Sheetmetal
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23/03/10 - Using up to date technology from Trumpf and Amada, SMC Precision Sheetmetal offers CNC punching manufacturing services.
Eric Woodgate has purchased sheetmetal machinery through Maxitec
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10/02/10 - Finn-Power technology, distributed throughout Australia and New Zealand by Maxitec, allows sheetmetal fabrication plants to run shifts that are practically unmanned.
Sheetmetal machinery
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09/02/10 - Sheetmetal machinery used by serious fabricators needs specialised, qualified personnel to oversee maintenance.
Sheetmetal machinery tooling should only be maintained using especially designed grinding equipment
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02/02/10 - Maxitec are concerned that the necessary maintenance required for sheemetal machinery tooling is not being taken, and as a result fabricators are experiencing costly outcomes.
Acra Machinery bending machine
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12/10/09 - The new modules JUNIOR, NORMA-LINE, MAXI-LINE, SUPER-LINE, and MULTI-LINE are resulting developments of the existing bending machines product range from Acra Machinery.
DURMA linear laser cutter
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09/10/09 - DURMA linear CO2 laser cutters, available from Acra Machinery, are manufactured using state-of-the-art engineering and are fast, precise and efficient.

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