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Circular connectors
Supplier news
29/10/08 - Erntec offer plug and turn for circular connectors, which provide the following advantages: Quick locking system for signal and power transmission in the field of device connection technology/drive engineering, measuring technology and medical technology. ...
THR pin headers
Supplier news
28/10/08 - The THR pin headers available from Erntec are in accordance with the IEC 603-13 and are standard for the connection of printed circuit boards or between interfaces. The THR (Thru Hole Reflow) pin headers are designed for modules with SMT assemblies. ...
Right Angle Connector System
Supplier news
23/10/08 - The Right Angle PCIe connector available from Erntec is identical to the standard vertical mount configuration. The connector pins are insert molded into the connector to allow for exact registration of the contacts on both the daughter card side and ...
 Maxon Motor publish the book titled ‘Magnetism’
Supplier news
21/10/08 - Maxon Motor under the name of maxon academy have published the book titled “Magnetism” in English. The book works with simple examples, with estimates and with approximations. The aim is to cultivate basic understanding and to offer assistance for feasibility ...
Energy savings seminar presenters Frank Cerra and Darren Klonowski
Supplier news
20/10/08 - At the seminar titled, ‘Driving towards industrial energy savings’, SEW Eurodrive have urged the industry to consider the total life-cycle cost of both the motor and the complete drive system. The technical seminar highlighted how correct sizing and ...
The VOVG miniature valves
Supplier news
20/10/08 - Festo have released the new compact solenoid valve series VOVG. Its compact dimensions and high flow rates make it suitable for all kinds of installation applications.
Supplier news
20/10/08 - Maxon Motor manufacturer of high-precision drives and systems are continuing to strengthen their global network. The entire Maxon Motor’s product programme will be distributed in Canada through Electromate Industrial Sales.
The DFST stopper cylinder
Supplier news
20/10/08 - The Festo DFST stopper cylinder can stop almost any workpiece carrier. This stopper cylinder has a load range almost three times higher than the previous model.
Brushless DC motors with in-built 1-Q speed controller
Supplier news
17/10/08 - Maxon Motor have launched a range of brushless DC motors with integrated electronics. The range of drives includes EC 20 flat, EC 32 flat and EC 45 flat with in-built speed controllers. The motors available as standard are the 2 and 5-wire versions, ...
The Beamex MC4 documenting process calibrator
Supplier news
16/10/08 - The Beamex MC4, available from AMS Instrumentation & Calibration, is a new compact-sized documenting process calibrator.
Coloured light guides
Supplier news
14/10/08 - Coloured light guides, manufactured by MENTOR, are available from Erntec. These coloured light guides are designed for transfer of light to the front panel.
Schlebach Quadro-Plus Multiple Profile Roll former sheetmetal machine
Supplier news
13/10/08 - Treotham, providers of sheetmetal products, offer sheetmetal machine for roofing purposes. According to Treotham, architectural cladding and unique roof design is amongst the most important of additions to any new building design.

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