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ESCON 50/5 servo controller
Supplier news
21/05/12 - Maxon Motor Australia introduces a new range of servo controllers in the ESCON series.
Brushless DC-Servomotors
Supplier news
12/01/10 - The brushless 4 Pole DC servomotors of the renowned BX4 Series from FAULHABER are supplemented by motors with a diameter of 32mm.
Samos PLAN v1.2 control software
Supplier news
07/09/09 - Samos PLAN v1.2 from Treotham Automation is the control software for Wieland’s Samos PRO modular safety products.
RIO-47100 Ethernet I/O Controller
Supplier news
29/07/09 - Galil Motion Control, an industry pioneer in motion control technology, introduces its new, compact RIO-47100 (RIO) remote I/O controller.
Siemens induction servomotors for presses
Supplier news
12/06/09 - Siemens induction servomotors, available from CNC Design, are predestined for applications where the main focus is on continuous, smooth running operation of axes. The induction servomotors are suitab
Siemens rotary servomotors
Supplier news
08/06/09 - For motion control applications, CNC Design offer an extensive range of rotary servomotors. These are available in both synchronous and induction versions up to linear and high precision torque motors
Brushless servomotors
Supplier news
29/05/09 - The Ø 30mm, 200W brushless servomotors, available from Maxon Motor Australia, push the boundaries of technology.
servo-controlled tray erector
Supplier news
22/05/09 - HBM Packaging Technologies, who represent OYSTAR A+F of Kirchlengern, Germany, have announced the release of a new servo-controlled ‘Baseline’ tray erector, which has 100% folding accuracy.
The QUICKSHAFT Linear DC-Servomotor LM 1247
Supplier news
26/03/09 - The newly developed Linear DC-Servomotor series LM 1247, available from Erntec, measures 12.5 x 47mm and weighs 56g. This actuator can produce a peak force of up to 9,4 N at full power. The standard p
XBR Brushless series of servo motors
Supplier news
10/03/09 - Wells Electric Drives have introduced the XBR Brushless series of servo motors from Electrocraft. Brushless AC Servo Motors provide smooth and continuous torque across the speed range.
The IDG-B DIN miniature enclosure
Supplier news
05/11/08 - The IDG-B DIN miniature enclosures from Erntec are fully insulated and fulfil the requirements of the machinery and car industry. The enclosures have the installation width of 35 mm for the IDG-B2, 70 mm for the IDG-B4, 105 mm for the IDG-B6 and 157 ...
The LDG-A miniature enclosure
Supplier news
04/11/08 - The LDG-A miniature enclosures from Erntec are engineered for quick and easy installation for standard DIN-rail or screw mounting. These non-metallic enclosures are ideal for housing electrical, electronic and electromechanical devices such as sensors, ...

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