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There are many different types of sensor that can be utilised through the electronics industry. This includes temperature, level, ultrasonic and IR sensors just to name a few.

Here are definitions of some sensors:
An IR sensor are mainly used for remote control technology – from garage door openers and drones, through to television and PVRs. They use photochips that have a photocell. This photocell emits and detects infrared light.

One of the most common sensors which is used to gauge temperature. They are broken down into sub categories that can include semiconductor, thermistor and thermocouple. They are used to measure a variety of applications including the temperature of a car, as well as in household appliances such as toasters and kettles.

Finally, there is the touch sensor, which as the name suggests is activated by pressure. Touch sensors are also called tactile sensors and are sensitive to touch, force or pressure. They are one of the simplest and useful sensors. The working of a touch sensor is similar to that of a simple switch.There are several different types of touch sensors including resistance, capacitance and piezo. Touch sensors are used in such applications as weighing machines and safety applications.
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Bestech Australia sponsors IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics
Supplier news
26/06/13 - Bestech Australia is sponsoring the IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics to be held in Wollongong in July.
TDL oxygen gas sensor
Supplier news
25/06/13 - Mettler Toledo presents the GPro 500 TDL sensor, a range of oxygen gas sensors offering faster measurement, more accurate data and a significantly lower cost of ownership.
capaNCDT 6019 series capacitive sensor
Supplier news
20/06/13 - Bestech Australia presents a high-precision capacitive sensor ideal for stabilising the field of view of a surgical microscope.
AST4530 PVDF/ PTFE submersible pressure transducers
Supplier news
19/06/13 - Bestech Australia presents a new range of PVDF submersible pressure transducers designed as an alternative to ultrasonic and radar sensors.
MultiMount weigh module
Supplier news
17/06/13 - Mettler Toledo announces the release of the SWB505 MultiMount weigh modules designed for safety, accuracy and durability.
Yasuyuki Tanaka (right) shakes the hand of Mettler Toledo K.K. General Manager Frank Maters (centre), as Industrial Solutions Business Unit Manager for Mettler-Toledo K.K., Manabu Ozawa (left), cheers them on
Supplier news
13/06/13 - Mettler Toledo and Tanaka Scale Works Co. Ltd. have entered into a new business relationship.
XRange wireless accelerometer
Supplier news
03/06/13 - Bestech Australia presents the XRange wireless accelerometer and tiltmeter designed for better performance.
CG300 Series capacitance type level sensor and display
Supplier news
28/05/13 - Bestech Australia introduces the new CG300 series level sensors from NOHKEN.
Turck pressure sensor
Supplier news
24/05/13 - German automation company Turck has released a white paper on pressure, Defining Pressure: What Is Pressure and Why is it So Critical to Process?
The integrated RFID technology of the electronic RSS 36 safety sensor provides for increased protection against tampering
Supplier news
24/05/13 - The use of safety switchgear is recommended for the unique requirements set by the food industry to ensure machine safety.
MSR-Traffic magnetic field sensors from Alvi Technologies count vehicles on parking sites
Supplier news
17/05/13 - Available from Alvi Technologies, the MSR-Traffic magnetic field sensors can be installed to detect and count incoming and outgoing vehicles in open outdoor parking sites.
Calog portable load cell display
Supplier news
14/05/13 - Available from Instrotech Australia, the Calog is a small, rugged and portable handheld battery or auxiliary-powered load cell display.

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