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There are many different types of sensor that can be utilised through the electronics industry. This includes temperature, level, ultrasonic and IR sensors just to name a few.

Here are definitions of some sensors:
An IR sensor are mainly used for remote control technology – from garage door openers and drones, through to television and PVRs. They use photochips that have a photocell. This photocell emits and detects infrared light.

One of the most common sensors which is used to gauge temperature. They are broken down into sub categories that can include semiconductor, thermistor and thermocouple. They are used to measure a variety of applications including the temperature of a car, as well as in household appliances such as toasters and kettles.

Finally, there is the touch sensor, which as the name suggests is activated by pressure. Touch sensors are also called tactile sensors and are sensitive to touch, force or pressure. They are one of the simplest and useful sensors. The working of a touch sensor is similar to that of a simple switch.There are several different types of touch sensors including resistance, capacitance and piezo. Touch sensors are used in such applications as weighing machines and safety applications.
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Conceptual diagram showing a model mounted onto a stationary tri-axial sensor
Supplier news
28/08/17 - Wind tunnels are used in aerodynamic research to study the effects of air moving past solid objects.
optoNCDT 1420 smart displacement sensor
Supplier news
28/08/17 - Bestech Australia has introduced a new triangulation displacement sensor recommended for use in demanding environments.
PGA460 supports wide-distance object detection at low power
Supplier news
09/08/17 - Mouser Electronics announces the availability of the PGA460 and PGA460-Q1 ultrasonic signal processors and drivers from Texas Instruments (TI).
ULIRVISION TI120 thermal imaging camera
Supplier news
06/08/17 - Scitech presents the ULIRVISION TI120, a new thermal imaging camera designed for non-contact screening of people with elevated body temperatures.
Wenglor’s ultrasonic fork sensor
Supplier news
01/08/17 - Treotham presents ultrasonic fork sensors from Wenglor designed to ensure perfection in product labelling applications.
The conceptual diagram shows how multiple load cells are being utilised to measure the tactile force produced by an industrial robot.
Supplier news
25/07/17 - FUTEK load cells and instrumentation will provide the accuracy and certainty required for this precision testing.
UV LINOS F-Theta Ronar lens
Supplier news
10/07/17 - Scitech announces the release of the new telecentric UV LINOS 70mm F-Theta-Ronar lenses for 340-360nm laser applications from Qioptic.
The new helipad is better positioned to provide quick access to transport patients for urgent treatment
Supplier news
24/10/16 - Boom gates from Rotech Group Pty Ltd have been installed in the vicinity of a new helicopter pad located at the Tamworth Hospital.
ProLine P50000: The new high precision innovative high-voltage transducers for railway applications
Supplier news
05/09/16 - Alvi Technologies launches the new series of galvanic isolators: ProLine 50000 -suits the demands for railway applications.
Protecting your connectivity in high temperature environments
Supplier news
08/08/16 - With more and more industrial processes running at high temperatures, premature damage can occur to cables and sensors causing unplanned downtime in produc
SVERKER 900 relay and substation test system
Supplier news
02/08/16 - TechRentals presents the SVERKER 900 from Megger, a relay and substation test system.
The new service locator assists with underground service detection
Supplier news
26/07/16 - Kennards Hire Test & Measure has introduced a new service locator to its equipment hire range.

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