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There are many different types of sensor that can be utilised through the electronics industry. This includes temperature, level, ultrasonic and IR sensors just to name a few.

Here are definitions of some sensors:
An IR sensor are mainly used for remote control technology – from garage door openers and drones, through to television and PVRs. They use photochips that have a photocell. This photocell emits and detects infrared light.

One of the most common sensors which is used to gauge temperature. They are broken down into sub categories that can include semiconductor, thermistor and thermocouple. They are used to measure a variety of applications including the temperature of a car, as well as in household appliances such as toasters and kettles.

Finally, there is the touch sensor, which as the name suggests is activated by pressure. Touch sensors are also called tactile sensors and are sensitive to touch, force or pressure. They are one of the simplest and useful sensors. The working of a touch sensor is similar to that of a simple switch.There are several different types of touch sensors including resistance, capacitance and piezo. Touch sensors are used in such applications as weighing machines and safety applications.
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In what is known as the loading stage, the station between the parquet layer compression and the surface treatment, a robot feeds in the parquet floorboards by de-stacking them from a pallet
Supplier news
23/08/18 - With industrial parquet manufacturing, fine wood flooring became affordable and available to anyone.
For over 20 years, SICK safety laser scanners have been combining knowledge and experience with exceptional performance
Supplier news
22/08/18 - The requirements on the safeguarding of machinery have changed more and more with the increasing use of automation.
With its new motor feedback systems in the SES/SEM 70 and 90 series, SICK is now also introducing safety technology and built-in direct multi-turn to the world of direct drives
Supplier news
21/08/18 - Hollow shaft, multi-turn, safety: the new motor feedback systems in the SES/SEM product family from SICK.
ElastiSense EDS contact capacitive displacement sensors
Supplier news
21/08/18 - Bestech Australia announces the release of a new capacitive-based contact displacement sensor, EDS from ElastiSense.
SIM4000 Sensor Integration Machine with 4picoCams, controlled illumination, and an app for stitching the image data and fiducial recording
Supplier news
20/08/18 - SICK AG is playing a key role in advancing paradigm shifts in sensor technology with the SICK AppSpace ecosystem.
The W12-3 product family produces impressive results in areas where sensors come into contact with greases, oils, coolants and lubricants
Supplier news
14/08/18 - The ClearSens WL12G-3 photoelectric sensor for transparent products and the high-temperature SW50 reflector come from SICK’s range of heavy-duty sensors.
Smart sensors ensure efficient machine communication.
Supplier news
13/08/18 - SICK has equipped its smart sensors with special properties to ensure they provide exactly the right level of performance for every application.
SICK's Smart Sensors support the option of visualising operating data and settings for machine operators.
Supplier news
08/08/18 - The emergence of the smart factory means a paradigm shift in the implementation of production and intralogistics processes.
SOPASair functions within common browsers and can be operated on a PC
Supplier news
04/08/18 - SOPASair makes it possible to identify and activate SICK sensors within a network using mobile devices.
SICK sensors reduce costs attributable to sensors in machinery by around 75 percent overall through better product selections.
Supplier news
29/07/18 - For Industrieservice Schach, working with SICK as a one-stop supplier is paying dividends both technically and financially.
SICK position sensors can be relied upon for precise detection and monitoring of the position of the sonotrodes
Supplier news
26/07/18 - SICK's portfolio of position sensors for pneumatic cylinders offers everything a smart sensor needs to have.
optoNCDT 1750 laser triangulation sensor
Supplier news
15/07/18 - Bestech Australia introduces a new laser sensor from Micro Epsilon featuring an extended measurement range for determining distance and displacement.

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