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5 things you need to know about industrial floor scales
Industrial floor scales come in all shapes and sizes, but they do have some common features that are important when making a purchasing decision. What are its load cell capabilities? Is there a warranty? And what about shock-loading? Here are some handy hints about industrial floor scales.

Digital display
Blurry or unreadable displays can be frustrating, annoying, and more importantly, time wasting. There are a few simple checks you can go through before buying. This includes: Is the cover made of glass or plastic? Glass is easier to clean; does it scratch easy? Plastic can scratch easily; and are the numbers easy to see/read? When it comes to the kind of casing for the display, it’s best to have a stainless-steel, water-tight enclosure as it protects the edges from rust and also stops condensation.

Load cells
Designated as the brains of the scale, ignore the type of load cell at your peril. These are usually the most expensive part of your weighing solution. If you’re in the market for an industrial weigh scale and the price seems too good to be true, chances are the manufacturer has put in cheap load cells.

Shock loading
Shock loading is something that needs to be avoided at all costs because it can lead to a critical failure of your equipment. This happens when users overload the system with materials thus damaging it. Whether this is critical will depend on how accurate you need your scale to be for your purposes – the smaller the weight, the more accurate it needs to be for weighing.

Load cell cables
If you were to turn the scale upside down you would see that there are load cell cables in place. As the name suggests, load cell cables are connected to the load cell, so it is imperative that their integrity is kept intact and protected so you can get the most precise reading possible. Some weighing systems may use plastic cabling, however steel braided cables are preferable because they last longer and are also stronger.

Investing in plant-ready floor weighing scales doesn’t come cheap, so it’s well worth looking into warranties. Most scales come with a standard five-year warranty, but make sure you go through the policy and look for exclusions. These are the type of things that could end up costing you in the long run.
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The new truck weighbridge is used to weigh incoming chickens and animal feeds, as well as outgoing deliveries
Supplier news
10/04/12 - Ultrahawke Weighbridges in Melbourne has supplied a truck weighbridge that was recently commissioned at a poultry abattoir near Lae in Papue New Guinea.
Supplier news
08/03/12 - Brolton Group presents a range of volumetric feeders from K-Tron.
Supplier news
07/03/12 - Leading engineering company, Brolton Group offers a comprehensive range of engineering services and automation solutions for the manufacturing industry.
P&O Ports’ new truck scales are being used for weighing trucks delivering shipping containers into the rail terminal
Supplier news
06/03/12 - A second set of truck scales supplied by Ultrahawke Weighbridges has been installed at P&O Ports' Dynon Road rail terminal in Melbourne.
Tiedemann ring loadcell
Supplier news
05/03/12 - Available in Australia from SI Instruments, Tiedemann ring loadcells are high precision instruments for mechanical force measurements of tensile and compressive forces.
Road Guardian truck wheel weighers feature a strong but lightweight construction, making them highly manoeuvrable
Supplier news
29/02/12 - QWM recently supplied truck wheel weighers to a ship builder that needed to accurately weigh a large catamaran after fit-out had been completed.
CCW-RS series weighers feature easily removable hoppers, radial feeder troughs and discharge chutes for quick and efficient cleaning
Supplier news
15/02/12 - Ishida Commercial Equipment now stocks CCW-RS series weighers, versatile units that are available in 14 or 16 head models for use in a wide range of production applications.
ICS4_9 food scale’s weighing terminal and column seamlessly welded together with no open cables
Supplier news
17/01/12 - Mettler Toledo offers the new ICS series of food scales designed to speed up production in hygienic environments.
SEE Civil has made significant cost savings since installing Loadrite’s on-board weighing system on its fleet of Komatsu loaders
Supplier news
13/01/12 - Road and earthworks contracting company, SEE Civil has made significant savings following the installation of on-board weighing systems from LOADRITE NSW in its fleet of Komatsu loaders.
M-2396 torque/force transducers are precision rated at 0.2%FS (torque) and 0.3% (force)
Supplier news
20/12/11 - A new model of dual function static torque and force sensors has been introduced by Bestech Australia which features two independent outputs, one for torque and one for force.
The conveyor belt scales feature stainless steel load cells to eliminate the need for levers and transfer arms
Supplier news
19/12/11 - Accuweigh has supplied eight conveyor belt scales to a limestone mining company operating near Newcastle in New South Wales.
Supplier news
09/12/11 - SRO’s comprehensive range of systems and components allows them to retrofit most beltscales.

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