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Saw Resonators

Tenrod Australia is a source for high quality LEDs, and LED Lighting, Large LED Video Screens and LED Curtains, LED Tubes, Flexible LED Light Strips. Tenrod also offer a wide range of electronics components including LCDs and Vacuum Fluorescent ...
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Ramelec Electronics, a 100% Australian owned Distributor of Electronic Components representing highly regarded market leaders in their respective fields with a nation wide network of Branch offices including technical, sales and support staff.
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Each contains two electrically-independent, single-port SAW resonators.
Supplier news
11/11/04 - EPCOS, represented in Australia by Ramelec, has released the R770 (433.81MHz/434.06MHz) and R771 (314.875MHz/315.125MHz) two in one SAW resonators. Each type contains two electrically-independent, single-port SAW resonators in a QCC8C SMD ceramic package ...

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