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Cygnus Satellite Pty Ltd specialises in end-to-end satellite services and Private LTE networks offering a full range of Iterra® IP Satellite communications services and products, connecting people and their communities in every corner of Australia.
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Pivotel is leading the way with innovative satellite services. Pivotel offers two network coverage options supported with regular mobile phone numbers, familar national dialling and call rates similar to mobile phone charges.
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SpeedCast is a leading global network and satellite communications service provider offering high-quality managed networks services in over 60 countries throughout Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Europe and Africa; and a global maritime network serving ...
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Aussie nano-satellite readied for NASA launch
18/04/17 - NASA will launch an Australian nano-satellite into space to study the earth’s atmosphere.
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06/06/11 - Pivotel GlobalStar will launch additional communication satellites to enhance voice and data capabilities across their telecommunication network
Satellite Communications Units
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22/09/10 - Satellite Communications Units (SCU) from Pivotel are easy to use, versatile and dependable.
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09/03/09 - Globalstar’s SPOT messenger has been released in Australia after the Pivotel Group sealed a distribution deal to sell the personal tracking device. The device has previously been available in the Unit
The Iridium satellite mobile phone service
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29/09/08 - Satellite Appliance Sales are dealers for the recently launched Pivotel Iridium satellite mobile phone service. The service had been launched in July and covers all of Australia and 200 nautical miles off the Australian coast. This mobile phone service ...

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