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The solar panels are aligned automatically towards the sun using tracker motors equipped with encoders from SICK for azimuth tracking
Supplier news
24/02/12 - Leading supplier of turnkey photovoltaic systems in Italy, the EAR Group Company relies on incremental encoders and inductive proximity sensors from SICK to optimise energy yield from their solar pane
SG EXTENDED safety light curtains
Supplier news
22/02/12 - Datalogic Automation introduces the SG EXTENDED series to complete the SG family of safety light curtains.
Flexi Soft safety controller
Supplier news
15/02/12 - The Flexi Soft safety controller from SICK is being used by a leading US supplier of laser-based manufacturing solutions for safer laser processing.
REER safety light curtains
Supplier news
07/10/11 - The REER AD153 safety light curtain provides protection to a height of 160mm and is powered by 24V DC.
Reer Vision VX LR long range safety light curtains
Supplier news
03/08/11 - Treotham Automation are Australian distributors of safety light curtains from Italian safety products manufacturer, Reer, including the Vision VX LR long range safety light curtain.
Rockwell Automation’s Next Generation Safety Relays
Supplier news
23/06/11 - Rockwell Automation introduces the next generation of safety relays to their portfolio of machine safety and process safety devices, systems and services.
Guardmaster GuardShield Micro 400 light curtains
Supplier news
08/06/11 - Rockwell Automation offers slimline compact safety light curtains. These curtains have a 15mm by 20mm housing profile.
EOS4 Safety Light Curtains
Supplier news
04/04/11 - The ReeR EOS4 compact safety light curtains available from Treotham are specifically designed for machine tool protection.
Supplier news
02/02/11 - Datalogic Automation has introduced the SG BODY, the new family of Datalogic Automation safety light curtains for body protection and access control.
Vigilante control system
Supplier news
07/12/10 - Jemtech continues to support the RED-EYE brand of safety light curtains and safety controls from Mascon Systems ever since the manufacturer closed in 2001.
SL-VHM Series Heavy Duty Safety Light Curtain
Supplier news
20/09/10 - Motion Solutions Australia distributes a new line of safety light curtains from Keyence for industrial environments.
PVC strip doors and PVC strip curtains
Supplier news
06/04/09 - The Flexshield PVC strip door or strip curtain solution suits most doorway and screen problem. Flexshield strip doors, strip curtains and industrial barriers can help to save energy, improve worker co

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