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Spray Nozzle Engineering
Australian company, with an extensive range of liquid and air-nozzles - inclusive of our designs. We supply spray nozzles, air nozzles, hose reels, mixers, pressure wash, cip products etc. We supply innovative designs for applications in cooling, dust ...
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Compressed Air Australia
Compressed Air Australia offers high quality, energy-conserving solutions that solve problems in industrial plants. Compressed Air is a leading distributor of: EXAIR compressed air products that blow off, vacuum, cool, vent, dry, convey and neutralise ...
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Air nozzles
Supplier news
01/03/18 - Compressed Air Australia has introduced a new range of engineered super air nozzles from EXAIR, designed to reduce energy use.
VariBlast compact safety air gun
Supplier news
15/02/18 - EXAIR introduces the new VariBlast safety air guns featuring an engineered variable flow trigger to produce light, medium or heavy force upon a target.
EXAIR back blow safety air gun
Supplier news
26/10/17 - Compressed Air Australia has introduced a new soft grip back blow safety air gun for cleaning out various internal parts in machining processes.
EXAIR’s new Catalogue 31
Supplier news
03/08/17 - EXAIR has released the latest edition of their product catalogue showcasing a comprehensive range of solutions.
SuperAir Nozzles
Supplier news
09/02/16 - It is something that is all too common. The performance of air nozzles, air curtains and air guns start to drop and right away
Force 5 high force blowgun (Model No: F5048AA)
Supplier news
08/07/15 - Knight Pneumatics introduces one of the most powerful safety air guns in the world designed for industrial and construction cleaning applications.
EXAIR’s super blast safety air gun can help clean tight machinery spaces
Supplier news
18/12/13 - EXAIR introduces a new range of super blast safety air guns featuring extensions to clean difficult-to-access areas.
EXAIR’s Blowoff Guide
Supplier news
16/11/12 - EXAIR presents the latest version of its Blowoff Guide designed to help with proper selection of air nozzles and safety air guns for specific applications.
Safety Air Guns with Chip Shields protect workers and help businesses comply with OSHA safety standards
Supplier news
14/05/12 - EXAIR safety air guns available with Chip Shields to protect workers and to help businesses comply with OSHA safety standards.
EXAIR's CE compliant safety air gun
Supplier news
14/10/11 - EXAIR's range of safety air guns includes precision safety air guns, soft grip safety air guns, heavy duty safety air guns and super blast safety air guns.
Silvent 755-S Safety Air Gun
Supplier news
29/06/11 - Spray Nozzle Engineering presents the Silvent 755-S safety air guns designed to reduce noise and compressed air usage in tough industrial applications.
EXAIR’s Precision Safety Air Gun
Supplier news
23/11/10 - Compressed Air Australia supplies an ergonomic range of lightweight precision safety air guns from EXAIR.

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