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Relative Humidity Transmitters

Advanced dewpoint hygrometer
AMS Instrumentation and Calibration
AMS Instrumentation and Calibration offer a wide range of moisture analysers and sensors from Mitchell Instruments.
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AMS Instrumentation and Calibration supply Industrial Instrumentation and Calibration Equipment to all industries. The product range includes Flow, Level and Pressure Meters, Sensors, Panel Instrumentation and Calibration Hardware and Software. AMS Instrumentation ...
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Industrial Automation are distributors for the Sarian range of wired and wireless routers
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Michell’s DT282 duct mount relative humidity and temperature transmitter
Supplier news
02/12/14 - Michell Instruments’ relative humidity and temperature transmitters are available in Australia from AMS Instrumentation and Calibration.
Michell Instruments’ DT722 RH and temperature transmitter
Supplier news
10/12/12 - Michell Instruments’ DT722 RH and temperature transmitters from AMS Instrumentation and Calibration are designed for accurate measurement of relative humidity and temperature levels in harsh environments.
EE33 series transmitters measure nine distinct climatic variables
Supplier news
27/06/12 - The new EE33 series transmitters from ECEFast are designed for fast and reliable measuring of a range of climatic measuring quantities under the most demanding conditions.

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