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Z Corporation develops, manufactures, and markets 3D Printers - machines that produce physical prototypes quickly, easily, and inexpensively from computer-aided design (“CAD”) and other digital data. Our products include 3D Printers, 3D Scanners and ...
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SOS Components specialise in converting CAD files into static or working 3D models using Rapid Prototyping and Colour 3D Printing methods. Services include SLA- Stereolithography, SLS- Selective Laser Sintering, FDM- Fused Deposition Modelling, 3D ...
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Latest generation 64 and 32 bit multi core hardware for 3D design data management; Envizage Provide: Rapid Prototyping, Model Making, Digital Content Creation Technology, Vizualisation and Simulation Technology, Hardware Solutions, Rapid Manufacturing, ...
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Rapid Parts Worldwide in house rapid prototyping and manufacturing facility offers end use components in a range of metals and plastic with lead times as short as 1 day. Prototype materials include aluminium, steel, stainless steel, iron, zinc, polycarbonate ...
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The ZPrinter 650 model of 3D printer
Supplier news
22/10/08 - Z Corporation have unveiled the ZPrinter 650 model of 3D printer. This 3D printer is suitable for demanding applications.

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