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The Lean Lab Glossary - Dictionary of Lean Lab Terms
Supplier news
16/11/17 - Mettler Toledo has introduced a new glossary that seeks to simplify terminology related to lean management principles as applied in the laboratory.
Moisture Analysis Library – Method Datasheet
Supplier news
12/04/17 - The Moisture Application Library from Mettler Toledo is designed to streamline moisture analysis workflows for lab operators.
The TA1 texture analyser and NEXYGENPlus food texture applications software can assess product quality on a wide range of food items
Supplier news
28/02/16 - A test fixture designed specifically to meet the quality assessment requirements of pasta and noodles producers is now available from Bestech Australia.
Lambert HS Series high speed camera
Supplier news
25/06/15 - Scitech introduces the Lambert HS Series, a new line of high speed cameras from Lambert Instruments featuring a high resolution sensor.
​“Made In China 2025” plan aims to move away from low-value manufacturing
20/05/15 - China’s Cabinet has published a plan that cites “intelligent manufacturing” as an answer to some of the country’s economic challenges.
Australia can learn from international growth centres
27/04/15 - Australia can learn from international experience and build collaborative pathways to sustainable economic success.
Cell Therapy Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre links research and industry
24/04/15 - Australia’s first cell therapy manufacturing centre is bridging the gap between cell research in the lab.
Poland aerospace supply chain links hold potential: Austrade
24/04/15 - ​A Polish delegation is visiting the country this week to investigate linkages with Australian aerospace businesses.
Where are we headed?
22/04/15 - I'll set the scene by citing the words of two people, words uttered within the past few months.
Science crucial to economic growth, worth $145 billion directly to GDP
25/03/15 - ​The contribution to Australia’s economy by maths and science - nearly $300 billion including flow-on benefits – has been measured for the first time.
Australia needs entrepreneurship, knowledge-based manufacturing: policy expert
16/03/15 - University of technology, Sydney’s Business School Dean, Professor Roy Green, has said knowledge-based manufacturing and entrepreneurship are vital.
As China changes from world’s factory to innovator, Australia needs to keep pace
16/03/15 - Australia’s economic future can be bright.

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