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SealXpert Repair Putty
Permanent Painted Coatings
For repairing holes, cracks and defects
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PPC provides 'products that work' for all forms of restoration. Corrosion / rust prevention, corrosion / rust remover, leather restoration, leather dye, and leather cleaning. Bilt-Hamber biodegradable rust remover, Por-15 rust preventative ...
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Industrial supply tools and equipment distribution.
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Eliminates the need to dry substrates.
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07/03/02 - DEVCON underwater repair putty is a non-rusting, epoxy-based compound that penetrates moisture and forms a strong, permanent seal even under water. It is ideal for repairing, patching, or rebuilding wet or submerged equipment.
Tank and drum repair putty
Supplier news
29/01/02 - WHAT do you do when a tank, drum, pipe or tanker springs a leak? Lack of spill preparation can cause panic and result in hazardous liquids - and money - going down the drain. Spill Station Australia has developed an inert, clay-based putty to stop these ...

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