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The Aussie Mr T twin impeller is now available in Aussie Mine Boss configuration offering improved mine safety and pump protection.
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07/07/18 - Australian Pump Industries has launched a new line of firefighting pumps for the mining industry.
The new high head semi trash pump from Australian Pump combines high head performance with the ability to handle drilling fluid and dirty water.
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02/07/18 - Australian Pump Industries introduces a new high head cast iron semi trash hydraulic drive pump.
Aussie new Fire Chief pump (Hatz version)
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24/06/18 - Australian Pump Industries announces a new range of their proven Fire Chief high pressure portable firefighting pumps powered by a German diesel engine.
The Tsurumi cutter pump handles the contaminated effluent from a Herringbone feed pad at a dairy near Traralgon
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06/06/18 - Australian Pump Industries presents a new range of submersible pumps from Tsurumi, designed to prevent pump blockage and failure on dairy farms.
Aussie’s Joe Attard with the Aussie QP3TI, an innovative driverless pump
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15/05/18 - Australian Pump Industries has introduced a new range of trash pumps designed to operate automatically and unattended.
Alexander Heiden checks out the new Aussie Fire Sled that turns a twin cab Ute into a mobile fire protection unit.
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13/05/18 - Australian Pump has launched a unique fire kit that turns any twin cab four-wheel drive into a mobile fire protection unit.
1st Lieutenant Dallas Campbell of Dumbalk Fire Brigade demonstrates the enormous pressure of the Aussie Sea Skipper fire pump.
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02/05/18 - The Aussie QP402SL Sea Skipper, a robustly built firefighting pump from Australian Pump Industries has joined the Dumbalk Fire Brigade fleet.
Big GSZ slurry pumps have an inbuilt agitator impeller to make sure the liquid is moving before it comes into the main pump chamber.
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26/04/18 - Australian Pump Industries has introduced a new range of slurry pumps from leading Japanese pump manufacturer, Tsurumi.
Aussie Pumps and TTI have teamed to produce a range of pump/tank trailers and water carts for construction sites.
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21/03/18 - Australian Pump Industries has partnered with TTI to produce a top quality range of integrated pump and tank products for the construction market.
The test loop system was developed to train customers in the application of self-priming pumps
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08/02/18 - A training aid developed by Hydro Innovations won the company peer recognition at the Pump Industry Association (PIA) annual general meeting last November.
Gorman-Rupp G Series rotary gear pump
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29/01/18 - Hydro Innovations presents the Gorman-Rupp G Series, a range of self priming positive displacement rotary gear pumps.
A Venturi Aerator (VA) adds the required oxygen to the effluent
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30/11/17 - A wastewater treatment plant in Central Pennsylvania went through an extensive upgrade to resolve problems associated with fats, oils and grease products.

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