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The plant sought wastewater pumps that could pass 35mm solids as well as offer reliable priming.
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11/09/18 - Another meat processing plant has just taken delivery of a Gorman-Rupp packaged self-priming wastewater pump system.
Mr T, the twin impeller high pressure firefighting pump
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04/09/18 - Mr T, the twin impeller high pressure firefighting pump is now available in a new version featuring Kubota’s OC series oil-air cooled diesel engine.
Tsurumi’s new slim 8” submersible KRSU for sewage bypass
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30/08/18 - Aussie Pump presents a new submersible pump from Tsurumi to work in applications involving the temporary bypass of sewage during sewer reconstruction work.
Gorman-Rupp T3A60S-B self priming pump
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28/08/18 - A major pet food manufacturer chose Gorman-Rupp self priming pumps for their wastewater pumping application.
Gorman-Rupp self priming pump
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28/08/18 - Nine Gorman-Rupp pumps were recently supplied to an Australian abattoir for use in wastewater pumping and pond water transfer applications.
The KTZ411 proves itself to be a worthy investment for quarry operators by reducing pump maintenance and improving water handling on site.
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26/08/18 - Submersible pumps deliver a number of cost saving advantages in terms of installation, maintenance and supervision.
A tough pump for tough applications! Tsurumi’s KTZ615 has the ability to handle dirty water whilst still maintaining high head.
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15/07/18 - Australian Pump Industries introduces a new range of high head submersible pumps from Tsurumi, designed for tough jobs in dewatering and batch plants.
This Aussie 4” diesel drive pump delivers pressure and volume.
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10/07/18 - Australian Pump Industries has introduced a new diesel powered 4-inch pump designed to deliver both high pressure and high flow.
The Aussie Mr T twin impeller is now available in Aussie Mine Boss configuration offering improved mine safety and pump protection.
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07/07/18 - Australian Pump Industries has launched a new line of firefighting pumps for the mining industry.
The new high head semi trash pump from Australian Pump combines high head performance with the ability to handle drilling fluid and dirty water.
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02/07/18 - Australian Pump Industries introduces a new high head cast iron semi trash hydraulic drive pump.
Aussie new Fire Chief pump (Hatz version)
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24/06/18 - Australian Pump Industries announces a new range of their proven Fire Chief high pressure portable firefighting pumps powered by a German diesel engine.
The Tsurumi cutter pump handles the contaminated effluent from a Herringbone feed pad at a dairy near Traralgon
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06/06/18 - Australian Pump Industries presents a new range of submersible pumps from Tsurumi, designed to prevent pump blockage and failure on dairy farms.

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