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EZstrip™ Transfer Pump
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Transfer pumps for pumping wastewater, sludge and slurries
Mono Pumps (Australia)
Compact C Range Transfer Pumps for easy transfer of industrial detergents or slurries in mining or mineral environments
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PCM EcoMoineau™ C Stainless Steel Progressing Cavity Pump
PCM Group Australia Pty Ltd
​The PCM EcoMoineau™ C is the shortest stainless steel progressing cavity pump in the market, 42 % shorter and 57% lighter than previous PCP generation.
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Peristaltic hose pumps can be retrofitted into existing hose pumps.jpg
Global Pumps
Peristaltic pumps are ideal for difficult industrial pumping situations
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Founded in 1932, PCM is today one of the world’s leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps and fluid-handling equipment. Our specialty is developing pumping solutions for the transfer and dosing of abrasive, fragile, viscous, corrosive, hot ...
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NOV Mono is a global manufacturer of progressing cavity pumps and pump parts and has a wide product range suitable for the pumping of fluids within the waste water, chemical, food, beverage, paper, mining, mineral processing, marine, agricultural and ...
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Global Pumps are importers and distributors of pumps and associated equipment, and manufacturers of effluent and storm water pumping and treatment systems. Pumps include drum pumps, chemical pumps, magnetic drive pumps, air operated diaphragm pumps, ...
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