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Form+Test BP 400 S bending test machine
Supplier news
16/07/12 - Form+Test BP 400 S bending test machines available from Hylec Controls are designed for the static calculation of the bending tensile strength on sleepers.
New Fluke 805 vibration meter
Supplier news
31/05/12 - Fluke Australia presents a new range of vibration meters designed to offer best-in-class repeatability and accuracy for checking the overall health of motors.
Ashcroft T5500 and T6500 pressure gauges are available in ranges up to 2,500 Bar
Supplier news
09/05/12 - T5500 and T6500 pressure gauges, manufactured by Ashcroft and available from Austral Powerflo Solutions, feature a welded 316 stainless steel construction that protects against environmental corrosion
Minimate Plus noise and vibration monitors can simultaneously monitor vibration, ambient environmental conditions and the movement of structural cracks
Supplier news
27/04/12 - Minimate Plus noise and vibration monitors, now available from ECO Environmental, are suitable for a range of monitoring applications as a complete, reliable compliance monitoring system.
The scanning vibrometer measures dynamic response of solar panels using a non-destructive, non-contact remote method
Supplier news
06/03/12 - Scanning vibrometers from Warsash Scientific are designed to measure solar panel dynamics using a non-destructive, non-contact remote method.
LEO RECORD Ei digital manometer
Supplier news
16/01/12 - The LEO RECORD Ei digital manometers by Keller, available from Bestech Australia are designed to measure and log both pressure and temperature data.
Model 170D differential pressure switch
Supplier news
17/11/11 - Model 170D/171D differential pressure switches by Dietz and World Magnetics, and available from Koloona Industries have been re-approved to MIL-STD-901-D standards.
The miniature PDA/PDB series of pressure guages have a 6.5mm diameter and are 1mm thick
Supplier news
14/10/11 - The PDA/PDB pressure tranducers are only 1mm thick and 6.5mm in diameter. They are designed for civil engineering applications and have a range of impressive features.
The easy to use LEX 1 digital manometer offers high precision pressure readings
Supplier news
19/09/11 - The Keller LEX manometer is simple to use and offers precision measuring and testing of pressure with a range of options including 5 resolution ranges to best suit company needs.
KP Pore Pressure Gauge Series
Supplier news
25/08/11 - Bestech Australia presents the KP Pore Pressure Gauge Series for measuring pore water pressures in ground, sheet piles, piles, and boreholes.
Supplier news
18/08/11 - Paine Electronics’ subsea pressure transducers and transmitters have external case pressures of up to 30,000 PSI and are designed for pressure measurement and system control applications at extreme de
NOSHOK 300 series brass case gauge
Supplier news
09/08/11 - NOSHOK 300 Series brass case gauges available from AMS Instrumentation and Calibration feature an optional Maximum Indicating Pointer and are suitable for performing system set-up and diagnostics as w

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