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Extech 407445 Heavy Duty Hygro-Thermometer from TRIO Test & Measurement
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24/11/14 - Extech Instruments has introduced Extech 407445 Heavy Duty Hygro-Thermometer which is supplied by TRIO Test & Measurement in Australia.
TMS 9110D Portable Vibration Calibrator
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23/05/14 - The 9110D Portable Vibration Calibrator is a self-contained unit, suitable for electromechanical testing over a wide range of frequencies and amplitudes
MeasureX releases miniature high accuracy pressure transducers
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21/08/13 - MeasureX has released the MRV21, a miniature pressure transducer with a silicon diaphragm.
MeasureX launches pressure transmitter with embedded amplified circuit
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21/08/13 - MeasureX has launched the MRH21 series of pressure transmitter, which have embedded amplified circuits and are designed for dynamic environments.
Pressure transmitters designed for tough environments
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21/08/13 - MeasureX has released new flexible diaphragm pressure transmitters designed for rough environments in a range of applications.
The correct installation and operation of a pressure gauge is vital for its safe and efficient use
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14/06/13 - Pressure gauges have been around for many decades, and will be for many more; however users should be aware of the safety issues regarding this vital instrument.
ConST211 digital pressure gauge
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21/03/13 - Zedflo Australia offers the ConST211 series digital pressure gauges designed to provide an accurate, reliable and economic solution for a wide range of pressure applications.
The compact new Rotork Fairchild high pressure regulators deliver superior accuracy and eliminate the risk of valve seat leakage
Supplier news
06/12/12 - Rotork Fairchild, a member of the Rotork group of flow control companies has launched a new range of compact high pressure pneumatic regulators for instrument and industrial control applications.
Wireless vibration monitoring solutions are ideal for applications such as pump health monitoring and conveyor pulley bearing monitoring
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03/12/12 - Alstom MSc offers a cost effective condition monitoring solution with the CSI 9420 wireless vibration transmitters from Emerson.
CSI 9420 wireless vibration transmitter
Supplier news
30/11/12 - Alstom MSc presents the rugged CSI 9420 wireless vibration transmitters designed for use in hard-to-reach locations.
The Fluke 810 vibration tester also bridges the skills gap by capturing decades of mechanical experience in one tool
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19/09/12 - Fluke Australia has introduced a new vibration tester that is designed to enable technicians to quickly and efficiently diagnose machine problems.
Form+Test BP 400 S bending test machine
Supplier news
16/07/12 - Form+Test BP 400 S bending test machines available from Hylec Controls are designed for the static calculation of the bending tensile strength on sleepers.

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