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Deep Sea Submersible Pressure Transducer
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21/07/11 - Pacific Sensor Technologies presents Spectre’s SeaLevel 8700 submersible pressure transducers.
PS3100 pressure sensors are designed to provide long lasting, trouble free performance
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19/07/11 - PS3100 pressure sensors are now available from Greenspan Analytical, offering a cost effective solution for long term deployment that utilises a ceramic capacitance transducer.
PSB-01 pressure sensors
Supplier news
15/07/11 - PSB-01 pressure sensors with a 1/1000 of high resolution are available from Automation Systems and Control.
Deltapilot M FMB50 hydrostatic pressure sensors
Supplier news
11/07/11 - Deltapilot M FMB50 hydrostatic pressure sensors are available from Endress + Hauser Australia.
DELTA differential pressure transmitters can simultaneously display pressure and sensor temperature values
Supplier news
04/07/11 - JUMO dTRANS p02 DELTA differential pressure transmitters, now supplied by Practical Control Solutions, measure differential pressure in corrosive and non-corrosive gases, vapours and liquids.
MeasureX MRB21 pressure transmitter
Supplier news
01/07/11 - The new MeasureX MRB21 pressure transmitters from Bestech Australia offer a low supply voltage of 3Vdc for the sensor, making them ideal for automotive and field applications.
Sensortechnics LBA Differential Pressure Sensor
Supplier news
27/06/11 - LBA differential pressure sensors from Sensortechnics GmbH are based on thermal mass flow measurement of air or gas through a micro-flow channel integrated within the silicon sensor chip.
KMA Series Pressure Sensor
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24/06/11 - Sensortechnics presents the new KMA series of OEM pressure sensors designed to measure gage pressures of corrosive and aggressive gases and liquids in ranges from 500 mbar to 100 bar.
Supplier news
01/06/11 - Market leader ST Microelectronics is increasing its MEMS production capacity to more than 3 million sensors a day by the end of 2011.
The BP10 series barometric pressure sensor
Supplier news
09/05/11 - BP10 series barometric pressure sensors are now stocked by Environdata Australia, and are capable of measuring atmospheric pressure in the range 750 to 1,050 hectopascals.
ST100 Series Gas Mass Flow Meters
Supplier news
05/05/11 - AMS Instrumentation and Calibration introduces the ST100 mass flow meters for gas flow measurement applications in chemical, electric power, food, oil and gas, water and wastewater treatment.
CWS900A Wireless Sensor Interface
Supplier news
28/04/11 - The CWS900A available from Campbell Scientific Aust is a line of 900 MHz wireless sensor interfaces that allows a variety of sensors to be used in a wireless sensor network.

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