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Filling, depositing, decorating for a wide variety of food products - bakery, confectionery etc
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Wyma Engineering (NZ) Ltd offer products that aid with: Vegitable Washing, Complete Systems, Waste Removal, Hoppers, Bin Fillers, Bin Tippers, Inspection, Conveyors, Sizing, Packing, Cooling, Drying, Spare Parts, Sample, Carrot Top and Dirt Removal, ...
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Heat and Control design, engineer and manufacture food processing and packaging machinery and equipment including fryers, ovens, searing, breading, fillers, weighting equipment, dust enclosures, packaging machinery, conveyors, cutting equipment, accumulation ...
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Automatic heated centrifuge reduces oil content in potato chips
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01/05/09 - Heat and centrifugal force remove oil from batch fried potato chips with Heat and Control’s automatic heated centrifuge. Depending on the potatoes’ specific gravity, oil content in chips can be reduced to less than 22%.

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