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Positional Transducers

Smart-Encoder Family from Balmoral Technologies
Uticor AVG
Autotech smart encoders and decoders providing position control.
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Established more than 25 years ago, ADM Instrument Engineering is now the only authorised Mean Well distributor in Australia. Since the beginning we have understood that you want a reliable supplier. That is why we have always had a strong commitment ...
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Uticor AVG are suppliers of touch screens, operator interfaces, panels, industrial computers, PCs, HMIs, PLCs, Marquee LED industrial displays and electronic signs, embedded systems and resolver technology. Uticor AVG offer a range ...
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For over 38 years IDM Instruments Pty Ltd has continued to manufacture and supply as extensive range of quality testing instrumentation. Conforming to worldwide standards, their instruments establish repeatable accurate results for Abrasion, Adhesion, ...
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CELESCO OEM series cable extension position transducer
Supplier news
14/06/11 - IDM Instruments is now offering CELESCO OEM series cable extension position transducers for design engineers requiring precision position and velocity measurements in a high performance, low cost assembly.
Conductive-Plastic Position Transducers Type TRS from SI Instruments
Supplier news
21/10/10 - The Position Transducers Type TRS from SI Instruments employ conductive-plastic resistance and collector tracks to provide direct means of measuring position.
Cutting Press Pneumatic
Supplier news
04/09/08 - IDM Instruments have designed and manufactured their pneumatically operated Cutting Press, to be used within several industries, all needing precise, accurate and repeatable test samples to be cut out.
Universal Testing Machine
Supplier news
03/09/08 - Designed with dual testing capabilities, IDM Instruments’ Universal Testing Machine enables compression testing in the centre of the machine and tensile testing on the outer.
Foam Resilience Tester
Supplier news
02/09/08 - IDM Instruments have manufactured their new look Foam Resilience Tester, to determine the resilience of flexible cellular polyurethane.
Foam Porosity Tester Digital
Supplier news
01/09/08 - IDM Instruments’ Foam Porosity Tester Digital is an instrument for monitoring the porosity of flexible cellular polyurethane, to determine the ease with which air passes through a cellular structure.
Nomura Shoji Sonic Sheet Tester
Supplier news
04/07/08 - Available from IDM Instruments, Nomura Shoji Sonic Sheet Tester (SST) is used for analysing fibre / molecular orientation of sheets, such as paper and plastic film, with the technique of ultrasonic propagation velocity measurement.
Supplier news
29/05/08 - Mattress manufacturer, Elite Strom in Greece, has chosen IDM Instruments as its supplier of mattress testing instruments.

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