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Portable Plasma Cutting Systems

BOC supplies compressed and bulk gases, chemicals and equipment. BOC helps growers, producers, scientific and research organisations to lower costs, raise productivity, comply with environmental legislation, and meet quality standards. Their ...
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Westgate Hi-Tech Machinery sell, service and support a full range of steel cutting equipment, including hand held plasma cutting systems from Hypertherm, automated CNC Plasma, Oxy-Fuel and Laser cutting systems from ESAB as well as a full range of Centricut ...
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The Combirex DX provides precision oxy fuel and plasma cutting independently or in combination
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16/11/11 - These precision cutting machines offer fantastic cutting versatility with the options for oxy fuel cutting in combination with or separate to plasma cutting.
IMP mobile hand cutting machines
Supplier news
06/10/10 - IMP mobile hand cutting machines can be fitted with one or two oxy cutters as necessary, with the option of a plasma torch where light plasma cutting is required, and are supplied by ESAB Westgate.

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