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FX-901 cordless soldering iron
Supplier news
30/07/08 - The FX-901 cordless soldering iron is available from RS Components. The FX-901 is a lightweight, portable, battery-operated soldering iron. Powered by four AA alkaline or nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) batteries, the FX-901 will operate above 600°F for ...
Petzl headlamp
Supplier news
28/07/08 - The Petzl headlamp is a light and compact headlamp in RS Components’ range. With a 150 hour burn time, the Petzl headlamp is ideal for long term close-up work as it gives off white light.
Allight's 6000th Moblie Lighting Tower
Supplier news
16/07/08 - Allight’s 6000th Mobile Lighting Tower is a MineSpec 12K-10, weighing 2 ½ tonnes; Australian designed and manufactured specifically to meet the harsh conditions of exploration and mining in North West Australia as well as globally.
Peter Lancken (left) is presented with the award by Neil Wallis, National President of the Hire and Rental Industry of Australia
Supplier news
17/06/08 - At a gala ceremony on the Gold Coast, Kennards Hire was named 2008 Rental Company of the Year in the category of businesses with a turnover above $3 million.
Mini Fontana
Supplier news
16/06/08 - Eye Lighting’s Mini Fontana is a range of multi-functional floodlights that are lightweight and have good heat dissipation qualities.
Fluke 1625 GEO Earth Ground Tester
Supplier news
13/06/08 - The new Fluke 1625 GEO Earth Ground Testers offers an innovative solution, called Stakeless testing, to make the earth ground loop resistance testing quicker and easier.
Air conditioning unit
Supplier news
29/05/08 - New 10kW or 20kW air conditioning units from Kennards Hire can quickly overcome temporary heating or cooling needs in offices, workshops and factories.
Absolute Luminous Flux Integrator
Supplier news
26/05/08 - The Absolute Luminous Flux Integrator (ALFI) available from Photometric Solutions International is designed for accurate measurement of luminous flux of lamps, LEDs and LED clusters.
Supplier news
23/05/08 - Lunar Lighting Australasia has invested in the development of their 12kW HMI glare free Lunar Lighting Tower. Lunar Lighting Australasia's clever lights have made an impact in the civil works, Mining and construction industries.
Electric version of Cut-n-Break saw
Supplier news
19/05/08 - Kennards Hire has introduced an electric version of Cut-n-Break saw, which can cut through double brick from one side.
Todd Jurgens operates the roller
Supplier news
14/05/08 - Kennards Hire has added remote-controlled, pad foot trench rollers to its range of compaction equipment. They provide a safe, easy option for compacting trenches when laying 600mm-800mm pipes.
The Todas
Supplier news
22/04/08 - The Todas is a stylish fitting suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, available from Eye Lighting Australia, in moist and dusty aggressive atmospheres.

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