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Pelican ProGear 2780 LED headlight
Supplier news
29/07/15 - Pelican Products has added the new Pelican ProGear 2780 LED headlights to their extensive range of high-performance protective case solutions.
GoPro protective case
Supplier news
10/11/14 - Pelican Products Pty Ltd announces the launch of a new range of protective cases designed for use with GoPro cameras.
Pelican ProGear 2380R LED rechargeable flashlight
Supplier news
05/11/14 - Pelican Products Pty Ltd has introduced a new range of rechargeable LED flashlights in a lightweight package.
Wolflite XT LED rechargeable hand lamp
Supplier news
03/07/14 - JT Day Pty Ltd offers a comprehensive selection of handheld torches, flashlights, hand lamps and lanterns from Wolf Safety Lamp Company.
CPLT M12 light tower
Supplier news
15/05/14 - Chicago Pneumatic has introduced a new range of light towers for the global construction and portable lighting industry.
Supplier news
20/08/13 - Kennards Rails is a new specialised business set up by Kennards Hire to meet the needs of maintenance trades in the rail infrastructure industry.
12 Volt Lunar BakPak portable lights
Supplier news
21/08/12 - The 12-volt Lunar BakPak creates a 360° illumination covering 124m² for mobile work teams, rescue and maintenance.
Allmand Maxi-Lite 8V has a telescoping light tower with four Super High Output 1250W metal halide lamps on an adjustable head
Supplier news
24/04/12 - Caps Australia presents the Allmand Maxi Lite 8V, a new and innovative range of mobile illumination units powered by a fuel efficient diesel engine.
LED Torch Shop supply top brand high powered flashlights
Supplier news
29/07/11 - Led Torch Shop supplies top brands of high powered rechargeable flashlights, such as Sunwayman, LED Lenser, and Eagle Tac, all at reasonable and discounted rates.
The Australian Light Tower is an ideal outdoor lighting solution for events and functions
Supplier news
16/11/10 - Gary Ashmore, owner of Melbourne based audio visual event hire business, Intavent, recently discovered the Australian Light Tower from Austrec International.
HMI helium filled lighting balloons diffuse light on par with daylight
Supplier news
04/11/10 - Available now from Lunar Lighting, the HMI lighting balloon is a revolutionary portable lighting solution that can illuminate areas from 1000m² right up to 30,000m².
The 12000W Infrared Lunar Light
Supplier news
03/11/10 - Lunar Lighting offer a range of glare free lighting options, including the 2000W and 12000W Infrared Lunar Light, a portable and permanent lighting solution that transmits infrared light.

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