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Work outdoors or on wiring directly connected to main panels
Wide variety of industrial digital multimeter (DMM) for indoor and outdoor applications
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From industrial electronic installation, maintenance and service, to precision measurement and quality control, Fluke tools help keep business and industry around the globe up and running. People who stake their reputation on their tools, and use ...
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Agilent Technologies Australia Pty Ltd is a leading international company providing electronic test and measurement devices and biological and analytical products. The company offers a wide range of Test and Measurement solutions for a variety of ...
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Amprobe has established itself as a value leader in quality test and measurement equipment and has become synonymous with clamp on meters. Amprobe produces test and measurement products for professionals in the electrical, maintenance, construction, ...
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TekMark Australia is the sole Authorised Australian Distributor for all Tektronix Instrumentation Products. This includes all Tektronix Oscilloscope products, Logic Analysers, Arbitrary Function and Waveform Generators, Real Time Spectrum ...
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TRIO Test & Measurement is your one-stop-shop for Test Equipment Solutions. If your need is for test equipment purchase, trade-in, pre- or post-sales advice or equipment rental, then their experienced team of professionals will do ...
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U1270 series hand held digital multimeters
Supplier news
14/12/10 - U1270 series hand held digital multimeters have been developed by Agilent Technologies to deliver high performance, reliable measurements, and are well suited for use in industrial applications.
Agilent portable digital multimeters
Supplier news
31/08/10 - Agilent Technologies has announced that Yulista Management Services, a U.S. army contractor, has adopted Agilent U1252A handheld digital multimeters for use in the repair and troubleshooting of Army vehicles.

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