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Rhinoflex EN-Series Pinch Valves
Supplier news
28/08/09 - The Rhinoflex EN-Series Pinch Valves feature a simple design with two pinch bars coming together, to pinch the rubber sleeve. The heart of Rhinoflex Pinch Valves is a long-lasting sleeve, engineered s
Supplier news
25/06/09 - W. Granowski supply high quality blast equipment, abrasives and spare parts. They also provide machine services and technical advice for customers.
Rotating union
Supplier news
23/06/09 - Rotating unions are the link between rotating rollers and the pipelines and hoses of the heating or cooling circuit for maintaining the temperature of ink application rollers, printing ink unit or dam
ZDQ2 hydraulic brakes
Supplier news
22/06/09 - PT Hydraulics now offer a 4-way 3-position solenoid/manual combination (8ESN) and a 4-way 3-position solenoid 8ES3. PT Hydraulics Australia also offer Youli Hydraulic micro-switches.
Rambor rib drill
Supplier news
28/05/09 - The Rambor rib drill, available from Integrity Pumps and Engineering, is suitable for coal, stone and concrete.
VIBCO BVS-130 silent pneumatic turbine vibrators
Supplier news
18/05/09 - A small manual screening operation was giving problems with material flow and blinding of the screen, and the client needed to eliminate the manual process.
Air mixer
Supplier news
21/04/09 - Specialised Air Motors and Transmission (SAMT) offer different types of air mixers for mixing applications. Air Motors operate on air supply as the source of energy. Specialised Air Motors and Transmi
Power Team Service Training
Supplier news
21/04/09 - PT Hydraulics conduct regular Power Team Service Training inviting participants from all parts of Australia.
XPLORE400 slide gate motor
Supplier news
20/04/09 - Specialised Air Motors & Transmission supply slide gate motors for residential, commercial and industrial sliding gates. Specialised Air Motors & Transmission can supply gate motors for gates weighing
SS316 construction vane air motor
Supplier news
17/04/09 - Specialised Air Motors and Transmission, SAMT, manufacture and design vane air motors, up to 9kW including the SS316 construction vane air motor, special coated marine and double output shaft vane air motor. Specialised Air Motors and Transmission can ...
Portable Filtered Transfer Pump
Supplier news
14/04/09 - PT Hydraulics Australia have recently made new additions to their manufactured range of products.
High pressure airbag
Supplier news
07/04/09 - PT Hydraulics Australia provide a range of solutions to Australian Industry and supply industrial hydraulics from Power Team, Stone, Globe and Argo Hytos & Youli. Product range from PT Hydraulics Aust

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