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TONSON air mixers
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15/02/13 - TONSON Air Motors manufactures air mixers to suit explosion-proof environments.
TONSON piston air motors
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14/02/13 - TONSON Air Motors designs and manufactures piston air motors, and offers over 10 years of proven experience in the Australian market.
TONSON vane air motors
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13/02/13 - TONSON Air Motors specialises in the manufacture and supply of piston and vane air motors.
A winch powered by an Armak air motor with lever control (foreground). Inset shows a typical Armak gear drive piston air motor
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29/10/12 - Brevini Australia introduces the Armak geared drive piston air motors range from Germany.
Safety air guns with chip shields
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27/09/12 - COMPRESSED Air Australia has released a range of Exair safety air guns.
MSPC Australia will showcase their pneumatics products at NMW 2012
Supplier news
27/04/12 - MSPC Australia will be exhibiting at National Manufacturing Week
The YT-3400 electro pneumatic positioner is IECes certified.
Supplier news
05/10/11 - The new YT-3400 electro pneumatic positioners, available from Acrodyne are flameproof, (Exd llc T5/T6) IECes certified and IP66 weatherproof rated. they come with a range of optional extras.
Pneumatic turbine vibrator for sanitary applications
Supplier news
19/08/11 - Vibco Australia provide pneumatic turbine vibrators suitable for use in sanitary areas.
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19/08/11 - Available now from PT Hydraulics Australia, globe geared vane air motors generate the high torques and low speeds of rotation required in several applications.
OLI vibrating motors were recently installed at a Western Australian gold mine
Supplier news
28/03/11 - When Inquip recently reviewed a troublesome vibrating screen at a Western Australian gold mine, the company rectified ongoing performance problems by installing OLI vibrating motors at the site.
The BBS range of silent pneumatic turbine vibrators
Supplier news
22/11/10 - Model PBS and BBS silent pneumatic turbine vibrators are the smallest in the range of vibrators available from Vibco Australia. They feature a versatile mount and robust aluminium housing.
F Series external pneumatic piston vibrators produce linear vibrations
Supplier news
18/11/10 - Available from WAM Australia, the F series linear piston vibrators are ideal for use in conveying, compacting and detaching bulk solids thanks to their linear vibrations.

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