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Ferret's Plastics & Moulding category features a range of plastics, moulding and related equipment for Australia's manufacturing, mining and industrial workplaces.

See the latest products, news and videos from suppliers of Perspex, polymers, moulds, acrylic sheets, injection moulding, plastic cutting, plastic fabrication and more.

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Katoomba Library
Supplier news
10/02/19 - Allplastics Engineering announces the availability of acrylic and polycarbonate mirrors for different applications.
Perspex Royals acrylics range
Supplier news
09/12/18 - Allplastics Engineering has added a new range of acrylic products to the Perspex family, designed for the retail segment.
Allplastics offers custom black, high density polyethylene panels with CNC routed grooves for safe glass handling
Supplier news
19/11/18 - Handling glass panels in manufacturing facilities can be a challenge with the risk of the panels hitting each other and causing injury to workers.
Zest City Garden designed by Kevin Quelch of inovasis design (Image credit: inovasis design)
Supplier news
13/11/18 - PERSPEX Frost is a premium international brand of horizontal and vertical panels featuring a unique double-sided finish.
Clear polycarbonate machine guard
Supplier news
08/10/18 - Workplace safety is an important issue, especially in industrial environments with operational machinery.
Acetal is suitable for use in components where exceptional strength is needed
Supplier news
07/10/18 - Allplastics Engineering offers Acetal (Delrin), a hard engineering plastic featuring high tensile strength and rigidity.
Polycarbonate combines high impact strength with low deformation under load
Supplier news
23/09/18 - Allplastics Engineering presents polycarbonate pads designed to protect floors in car showrooms against black tyre markings.
Simona twin wall sheets combine exceptional rigidity, low specific weight and good thermal insulation
Supplier news
20/09/18 - Allplastics Engineering announces the availability of Simona twin wall sheets in Australia, simplifying the construction of PE and PP tanks.
These vibrant joints project colour to all defined edges
Supplier news
16/09/18 - Allplastics Engineering adds a new edge to their acrylic fabrication skills with ‘vibrant joints’.
Acrylic Onyx in a selection of 7 textures (Firehorse, Golden Lantern, Venus, Saturn, Storm, Sunburst, and Tidal Wave
Supplier news
09/09/18 - Allplastics Engineering introduces the Acrylic Onyx, an exciting new addition to their range of architectural plastics for internal applications.
The Closer installation featuring Plexiglas Satin Ice sheets
Supplier news
22/08/18 - Allplastics Engineering supplied a large number of Plexiglas Satin Ice sheets to build an inspirational installation at the Sydney Vivid Light Festival.
White PVC gutters
Supplier news
19/08/18 - Builders involved in multi-storeyed developments are often faced with the challenge of water aggregation on their sites.

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