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Pipe Stoppers

Uninflated stopper allows normal non-polluted contents to pass beneath ready to be inflated in emergencies
Inflatable pipe stoppers from Pronal are durable water stoppers that help stop water flows simply and can be quickly installed into any piping system
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Air Springs Supply is Australia's leading supplier of air springs and associated pneumatic technology for the industrial and transport sectors. The company offers advanced, efficient and reliable solutions for the engineering of industrial actuation ...
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Pronal is one of the world’s most respected producers of extremely strong flexible products used to lift, push, separate, seal and store. Standard and custom engineered technologies include: Lifting Cushions up to 65,000kg.
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James Maslin with an OPAP anti-pollution stopper
Supplier news
29/10/13 - Concerns about spills involving chemicals, waste and various potentially harmful materials have prompted Safe Work Australia to introduce its Code of Practice for Managing Risks of Hazardous Chemicals in the workplace.
The SmartShore® shield guards against cave-ins during excavation work
Supplier news
05/03/13 - Air Springs Supply has introduced a unique pneumatic protection shield that can be easily and quickly set up to guard against cave-ins during excavations.
Pronal OFR series stopper
Supplier news
24/01/13 - Pollution incident response plans now required of industry are part of the recently amended environmental protection regulations.
James Maslin demonstrates Pollu-Plug installation
Supplier news
10/04/12 - Pollu-Plug stoppers available from Air Springs Supply prevent accidental contamination of waterways due to spills from water and sewerage lines.
Uni-Plugs Collapsible Pipe Stoppers
Supplier news
09/08/11 - Pronal presents their range of Uni-Plugs collapsible pipe stoppers suited to compactly fit around obstacles, corners and previously inaccessible areas.
Pronal Uni-Plug collapsible pipe stoppers
Supplier news
11/07/11 - Air Springs Supply now offer a range of collapsible pipe stoppers that can compactly fit into previously inaccessible areas of surface, underground and underwater pipelines.
Elastomer Technology in Offshore Applications
Supplier news
17/08/10 - A comprehensive range of proven elastomer technology for onshore, offshore and underwater construction, engineering and maintenance tasks is being introduced to Australia by Pronal.
Pronal sizes up pipeline testing, maintenance and safety
Supplier news
12/10/09 - Maintenance of pipelines can be a tricky business. Sealing and testing operations need to be conducted not only with complete safety and environmental security, but also with considerable speed, to ma
Pronal inflatable pipe stopper range
Supplier news
02/09/09 - An expanded range of inflatable pipe stoppers for maintenance, testing and emergency tasks is being introduced to Australia by industrial actuation and isolation specialists Air Springs Supply.
Pronal OFR anti-pollution stoppers
Supplier news
13/03/09 - Visy Beverage, Sydney, have installed a Pronal OFR anti-pollution stopper from Air Springs Supply as a precaution against industrial waste seeping into a stormwater drain passing through their product
OFR anti-pollution stoppers
Supplier news
27/02/09 - Air Springs Supply introduce a range of large-diameter Pronal pipe stoppers designed for rapid inflation to prevent pollution of waterways by accidental contamination. The Pronal OFR anti-pollution stoppers, available from Air Springs Supply, are permanently ...
Packer-Can systems for marine platform launches
Supplier news
03/02/09 - Air Springs Supply, Pronal national distributors, will be introducing a jacket equipment system that is designed to facilitate launching and positioning of oil and gas marine platforms.

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