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Jindex Pty Ltd offer valves, pinch valves, pinch valve designs, pinch bars and discs to the areas around Brookvale, NSW.
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Rhinoflex Pinch Valves specialise in flow control in applications such as mining, power generation, wastewater, sewage and general industries.  Rhinoflex Pinch Valves and Duckbill Check Valves outperform in these extreme environments, reducing costs ...
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Pinch valve sleeves from Rhinoflex Pinch Valves
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16/11/09 - In Cement and Silo Isolation, Rhinoflex Pinch Valves have replaced many old valves and are used as standard in the new designs and projects as well. The Elastrometric Sleeve is pinched by two pinch bars, creating a bubble tight shut-off, even on suspended ...
Rhinoflex EN-Series Pinch Valves
Supplier news
28/08/09 - The Rhinoflex EN-Series Pinch Valves feature a simple design with two pinch bars coming together, to pinch the rubber sleeve. The heart of Rhinoflex Pinch Valves is a long-lasting sleeve, engineered s
Supplier news
24/02/09 - The ‘EN-Series’ Pinch Valve, available from Rhinoflex Pinch Valves, has a simple design, consisting of two pinch bars that open and close the elastomer sleeve. The field replaceable sleeve is the only wetted part, which is reinforced and fabricated using ...

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