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Photoelectric Reflex Switches

Affordable and effective Safety Light Curtains and Photoelectric Safety Switches
SICK Pty Ltd
Opto-electronic Protective Devices from SICK intelligence of absolute productivity and efficiency for your machines and systems.
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SICK Pty Ltd is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sensors, safety systems and automatic identification products for Factory Automation, Logistic Automation and Process Automation applications. Whether automating factories or optimising distribution ...
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Complete range of gas and water analysers
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Food & beverage sensor MH15V
Supplier news
07/09/09 - The new MH15V BGS photoelectric reflex switch from SICK provides new possibilities for object detection in harsh operating conditions, the type one frequently encounters, among other things, in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.
V18V Food & Beverage series of photoelectric switches
Supplier news
21/08/08 - The V18V Food & Beverage series of photoelectric switches, available from Sick, were specifically developed to solve high end applications such as those found in handling, filling and packaging machinery in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. ...
Supplier news
14/05/08 - Gas Analysis Systems Australia is taken over by Sick and offers range of products including industrial sensors, automation identification, industrial safety systems, analysers and process instrumentation.
W2 and W4-3 series real high-tech space phenomena ideal for several applications
Supplier news
24/10/06 - Those considering miniature sensors want powerful automation solutions in small spaces. The W2 and W4-3 series, important technology trend-setters in their segments, are real high-tech space phenomena for numerous applications.
The scanner's operating distance lies between 30mm and 130mm.
Supplier news
30/05/05 - SICK has released the VTB 18 cylindrical photoelectric switch with background suppression. It has an extremely small light spot, with which narrow or dark objects are reliably detected. The scanner's
Miniature sensors open up new possibilities.
Supplier news
30/07/02 - THE comprehensive W2 family of sensors from Sick opens up new automation opportunities. W2 class sensors can be used wherever space is tight. Completely new application possibilities are now available - without external amplifiers - thanks to the interaction ...
Supplier news
15/05/01 - TRANSNOVA-Ruf, specialising in packaging, palletiser, and robot technology, has created a complete 6-axle robot packaging and palletising system for Grundig in Vienna.

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