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OTB Products
OTB Products provide a range of personal and body products such as cool zone vests, cool ties, neck and wrist wraps, cooling products and cooling seat pads. OTB Products also provide personal safety products for the workplace, safety matting, safe communication ...
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Offering workwear, corporate apparel, footwear & safety equipment, we supply everything that industry, trade and the home handyman needs.All stores offer in-house embroidery and screen-printing. For that professional finish to your garments we can embroider, ...
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Honeywell specialises in the design, manufacture and sale of personal protective equipment. We believe that providing the right personal protection in the workplace is an essential part of building worker confidence and improving productivity in ...
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Workwear Industries Group offers an extensive range of premium grade workwear clothing and accessories. Along with additional specialised and “made to order” products, their three major brands “RIGGERS”, “PROGARD” ...
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Evaporative Cooling Products available from OTB Products
Supplier news
24/11/10 - OTB Products introduces its range of Evaporative Cooling Products designed to absorb and trap water to provide cooling through the process of evaporation.
PROGARD personal cooling products feature evaporative and phase change technology
Supplier news
17/06/10 - Workwear Industries Group has a wide range of quality personal cooling products incorporating state of the art evaporative and phase change technology.

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