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Panel Mount Displays

Panel Mount, Field Mount, Rail Mount easy-install Digital Display Indicators from Instrotech Australia
Instrotech Australia
Instrotech programmable indicators for analogue and digital inputs are used for accurate measurement
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Interworld Electronics
Interworld Electronics specialise in Industrial and Embedded PCs, Medical Computing, Remote Power Management, Computer Telephony Communications, Data Acquisition and Remote Power Management. Remote Power Management allows ...
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Datataker offers flexible and powerful measurements and solutions. The range includes Data loggers, Data acquisition loggers, Data acquisition systems, Portable data loggers and Temperature data loggers.
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Koloona Industries are suppliers of Electrical and Electronic Components including Connectors and Accessories, Control Technology, Differential Pressure Switches, Pressure Vacuum, Protection Devices, Security, Sensor Technology and Switching.
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www.ipcdirect.com.au for all your online supply of Distributed I/O Modules, RS485, I-7000 Series, I-7188 Series, M-7000 series, 8000 Series, Intelligent Controllers, Digital, Analog, Serial
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Instrotech specialises in process control and industrial electronic equipment. We deliver a proven range of instruments to suit analogue, serial, parallel, speed, counting, flow, temperature, pressure, level and weighing applications.
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FUTEK’s IPM650 universal design panel meter
Supplier news
04/10/12 - The new IPM650 panel mount displays recently introduced by FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. (FUTEK) are designed for versatility, speed and precision.
Series 10 illuminated push-buttons switches for front panel mounting available from Koloona Industries
Supplier news
19/11/10 - The Series 10 is a complete program of illuminated push-buttons switches for front panel mounting available from Koloona Industries.
Stockpile wind monitoring
Supplier news
16/08/06 - A NEW compact wind monitoring system, now available from Amalgamated Instrument Co, offers a solution to the need to monitor wind conditions around stockpiles etc., and to provide warnings of unsafe conditions for the operation of bulk handling equipment ...
The Model 1684 level system.
Supplier news
26/05/06 - INSTROTECH manufactures the Australian-designed Model 1684 level systems for vehicle and stationary liquid tanks. Each system comprises a tank sensor and one or more remote point-level display controller.
Four, five and six-digit displays.
Supplier news
02/09/04 - AMALGAMATED Instrument Co (AIC) has released four, five and six digit numeric LED displays housed in wall-mount IP65 enclosures.
Digital panel meter for the Modline 5 infrared thermometer.
Supplier news
10/10/03 - IRCON’s Digital Panel Meter (DPM), available from Active Instrument Services, is a complete remote setup and diagnostics tool option for the Modline 5 infrared thermometer. The DPM provides remote communication to the Modline 5 via RS485. The temperature ...

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