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FLIR Sensors Manager Software
FLIR Systems Australia
Thermal imagers for general security during the day and night with clear visibility through most weather conditions
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FLIR Systems is the world leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of thermal imaging systems for a wide variety of commercial, industrial and government applications. Today FLIR employs more than 3,000 people and realizes a consolidated annual ...
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GE Ca-Zoom PTZ cameras
Supplier news
27/02/17 - The popular Ca-Zoom PTZ cameras from GE have revolutionised the challenging and often dangerous task of pipe inspection by speeding up the process.
Supplier news
25/08/08 - BMW is now back into Formula 1, as suppliers of motors for the Williams F1 Team. Both during the design of new cars and the assembly of existing models, the infrared cameras, available from FLIR Systems, play an active role.
Infrared images of the tested pin shapes
Supplier news
22/08/08 - The infrared camera, available from FLIR Systems, helps with thermographic evaluation of forced convective heat transfer coefficient on short pin fins at the University of Ancona.
Thermal images of electrical installations from infrared cameras are useful for preventive maintenance in BASF
Supplier news
21/08/08 - The infrared camera, available from FLIR Systems, is being used continuously and daily and a member of staff at BASF is working fulltime with the infrared camera. In certain units, periodic fixed routes are followed and inspections are carried out at ...
Thermal image of a structure is used for Predictive Maintenance
Supplier news
20/08/08 - FLIR Systems has explained that people need to be acquainted with the installation to decide whether a hot-spot is a real problem or not.
Infrared image of motor and gearbox at Heathrow airport’s baggage handling system
Supplier news
19/08/08 - According to Andy Watson, Energy Manager of Heathrow airport, instruments that will help diminish the airport’s energy consumption are the infrared cameras available from FLIR Systems.
Thermal images show a recurrent critical situation detected on the Façade, concerning fractures and water stagnation in stucco works (darker area)
Supplier news
12/08/08 - In November 1997, Giuseppe Giunta of EniTecnologie used a FLIR ThermaCAM SC 1000 on site. After seeing the potential for use of infrared cameras for building restoration, he convinced EniTecnologie to purchase a camera. Since acquiring this ThermaCAM, ...
The FLIR Infrared Camera helps the operator see through the steam to safely complete his tasks
Supplier news
11/08/08 - Infrared cameras detect heat energy and, as such, see through fog, steam, smoke and other obscurants. By using the FLIR ThermoVision IR cameras, available from FLIR Systems Australia, several major North American plywood manufacturers have implemented ...
FLIR Systems Australia adds two handheld cameras to T-Series range
Supplier news
09/06/08 - FLIR Systems Australia has added two new handheld cameras to its T-Series range, specifically designed for industrial and technical applications.
Handheld IR P660 camera
Supplier news
19/05/08 - FLIR Systems its new handheld IR P660 camera which is designed for professional thermography.

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