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Pallet Control Systems

Schaefer Orbiter has an independent, repositionable docking station
Schaefer Store
Schaefer Store's AS/RS Orbiter is a remote pallet storage and retrieval system that is highly efficient and incredibly safe with a highly visible independent docking station
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High performance, lightweight pallets when and where you need them
Loscam provide new generation pallet racking made of radiata pine that is lightweight, they also offer plastic pallets.
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Schaefer Store is a national distributor of an extensive range of products for storage, logistics, materials handling, conveying and warehouse systems. The range of storage and handling systems include pallet racks, storage shelves and commercial office ...
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Loscam provide specialised products and business solutions to ensure you can keep track of all your supply chain movements, with a minimum of fuss. Products include plastic pallets, wooden pallets, GPaks and produce bins. Services include pallet pooling ...
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Loscam's pallet pooling services require no capital investment, as pallets are used on a daily basis as required
Supplier news
10/09/12 - As a footnote to the recent discussion regarding the Australian pallet handling system, here Ferret.com.au discusses the pallet pooling and control services offered by Loscam.
The ALC believes that the key to more efficient pallet use is a national approach to the problem
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03/09/12 - Leading pallet suppliers CHEP Australia and Loscam have joined with members of the ALC to create a Pallet Working Group that will focus on improving supply chain efficiency.
Pallet Collars and Lids from Loscam
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04/11/10 - Loscam Pallet Collars and Lids are an ideal way of transforming pallets into containers for the movement of fragile or cartonised freight.

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