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Overvoltage Protectors

Weidmuller is a leading manufacturer of components for electrical connection technology including Terminal Blocks, Marking Systems, Heavy Duty Connectors, PCB Components, Sensor-Actuator-Distributors, Electronics Products, Tools, Enclosures and Customised ...
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Novaris SDN3 surge diverter
Supplier news
25/10/16 - Control Logic introduces the new Novaris SDN3 surge diverter featuring a compact design, 200kA capability, and all mode protection.
PU I series of Class I overvoltage protector
Supplier news
28/11/07 - Weidmuller's PU I series of Class I overvoltage protectors with varistor technology, offers a discharge capacity of 12.5 kA (10/350 µs).
The Huntron TrackerPXI.
Supplier news
23/05/05 - MAXIM Integrated Products, represented by Arrow Electronics, has released the MAX6397/MAX6398/MAX6399 overvoltage protectors for systems with high transient voltages as in automotive and industrial applications.

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