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Overhead Stirrers

John Morris Scientific
John Morris Scientific has a proud heritage spanning 60 years and specialises in the supply, installation & servicing of laboratory instruments & consumables covering diverse industry sectors throughout Australia, New Zealand & the South West Pacific ...
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MIX 15 flat magnetic stirrer
Supplier news
08/08/08 - John Morris Scientific has launched 2mag’s flat magnetic stirrer for reliable mass screenings as well as chemical, biological and medical applications. The MIX 15 is suitable for up to 250ml glass beakers.
2Mag line of Stirring Hotplates
Supplier news
07/08/08 - John Morris Scientific has introduced the new 2Mag line of Stirring Hotplates for general use in life science and chemistry applications. The 2Mag line of Stirring Hotplates comes with either six or fifteen stirring points with up to 1,500ml capacity ...
BioMixDrive magnetic stirrer
Supplier news
05/08/08 - John Morris Scientific has introduced 2mag’s magnetic stirrers for careful and protective mixing of cell suspensions and culture media. The BioMixDrive magnetic stirrer has a stirring volume of up to 5,000ml.

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