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Outer Gloves

Ansell HyFlex 11-840 for effective hand protection and safety
Ansell Industrial Healthcare
Ansell’s industrial hand protection gloves provides high quality, superior performance and state-of-the-art comfort and fit.
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Ansell supplies a range of protection products for hands and arms as well as safety work wear. Brands include Hy-Flex®, PowerFlex®, AlphaTec®, Vantage®, ChemTek™, Sol-Vex®, Virtex®,Touch N Tuff®, Polar Bear®, Sol-Knit™, Hy Care®, Projex™, ...
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We are able to provide expert advice from our many years in the safety industry. Whatever your safety problem we can help you, and work together to find a solution.
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Fork lift speed limiter kits. seat belt interlock system, transmission interlock system
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Leather outer gloves
Supplier news
10/04/09 - Extreme Safety offer leather outer gloves for use with electrical insulating gloves. Extreme Safety leather outer gloves are comfortable and come in a range of sizes including 7/8/9/9½/10/10½/11/ 11½/
Supplier news
04/09/08 - The electrical safety products from Extreme Safety consist of insulating gloves, cotton gloves, instruments, testers, insulated tools, leather outer gloves, helmets, face shields, insulating mats, busbar covers, ROFA arcproof clothing, arc flash suits, ...
Insulated floor mat
Supplier news
09/07/08 - Insulated floor mats, from Extreme Safety, are an ideal way to protect workers from electric shock. Insulated floor mats can be kept in permanent positions such as under switchboards, or can be kept in a mat bag and simply unrolled when required.
KCL brand Insulating Gloves
Supplier news
08/07/08 - KCL brand Insulating Gloves are manufactured to European Standards and available in Classes 00, 0, 1, 2 and 3.
Outer gloves
Supplier news
04/07/08 - Most wearers of insulating and outer gloves complain they are hard to work in. But Extreme Safety’s outer gloves are not so.

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