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Quick Termination Pierceson connectors
Supplier news
10/10/08 - With Quick Termination Piercecon connectors available from Erntec, normal circular cables can be attached to plug-in connectors, sensors, actuators, or field devices, without the need for supplementary specialist tools.
Vertical SMT D-Sub Series connectors
Supplier news
09/10/08 - Erntec supply the new vertical SMT D-Sub Series of connectors.
Designerline Toggle Switches
Supplier news
07/10/08 - Aerospace & Defence Products (ADP) have released a line of environmentally-sealed Designerline toggle switches that are completely sealed against dust, moisture and other contaminants.
EDT’s fully featured QVGA monochrome LCD module with Polar White Technology
Supplier news
06/10/08 - Emerging Display Technology (EDT), available through Glyn High-Tech Distribution, have recently released the EW50793FLWP QVGA monochrome LCD module for display applications, where a bright, white background is needed such as kiosks, bar code readers, ...
The SWS600L and SWS1000L series of power supplies
Supplier news
30/09/08 - Amtex Electronics’ new SWS600L and SWS1000L series of power supplies offer a high level of performance and have two power levels of 600 and 1000 watts.
The GEN2.4KW programmable power supply
Supplier news
29/09/08 - Amtex Electronics have released a 2.4KW programmable power supply for use in applications such as research and development (R&D), test and measurement, ATE test systems, fuel testing, battery testing, lamp testing and development.
Stainless steel patient blockout laser glasses
Supplier news
26/09/08 - Dioptika Laser Glasses’ new range of stainless steel blockout laser eyeshields provides protection for patients against all laser types. They are autoclaved, lightweight and comfortable to wear.
Heavenly Order dress design with LED lighting
Supplier news
18/09/08 - Couture Clubbing, clothing designers for high-end events, lit up their Heavenly Order dress design with LED lighting from Marl International and showcased other ‘dresses of light’ to portray the fusion of light and fashion. Aerospace & Defence Products ...
USB / Ethernet-Solved Development Kit
Supplier news
17/09/08 - Cyan, available through Glyn High-Tech Distribution, have introduced the USB / Ethernet-Solved Development Kit, which allows projects based around USB and Ethernet to be created quickly and easily.
NX Check-Mate for product design and data from Product Lifecycle Management
Supplier news
17/09/08 - Product Lifecycle Management (Australasia) will conduct a webinar on improving the quality and process of a product design and data through automated checking with NX Check-Mate.
AL320C Analog LCD Display Controller from Glyn High-Tech Distribution
Supplier news
16/09/08 - AverLogic, available through Glyn High-Tech Distribution, have introduced their AL320C Analog LCD Display Controller, which is suitable for applications such as LCD Game Screen (PS2/Mini-PS2), Automobile Camera & DVR system, PMP (Personal Media Player), ...
USB-Key security device
Supplier news
15/09/08 - Future Technology Devices International (FTDI), available through Glyn High-Tech Distribution, have released a USB-Key security device.

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