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Heat and Control design, engineer and manufacture food processing and packaging machinery and equipment including fryers, ovens, searing, breading, fillers, weighting equipment, dust enclosures, packaging machinery, conveyors, cutting equipment, accumulation ...
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SORTEX AnywarePro: Support from Bühler engineers
29/03/16 - SORTEX AnywarePro enables processors to keep track of the performance of their optical sorters via a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
Manta 2000 laser and camera sorters can be fitted with up to eight top mounted cameras, and up to two top mounted lasers
Supplier news
13/02/12 - Manta 2000 laser and camera sorters are now stocked by Key Technology Australia, offering sorting and classification of up to and beyond 20 metric tons of processed vegetables or fruit per hour.
Supplier news
12/07/07 - With its new SORTEX K sorting unit, the Buhler Sortex business unit in London has set new standards in the production of safe and clean foods.
The SORTEX Z+ sorter.
Supplier news
16/06/06 - BUHLER has unveiled their latest, most versatile and efficient sorter yet - the SORTEX Z+ optical sorter. Since 1947, Buhler's optical sorting division, Sortex, has been at the forefront of sorting technology, increasing effectiveness and efficiency ...

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