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Pamas S4031 portable particle counters
Supplier news
06/10/10 - Pamas S4031 portable particle counters supplied by Crea Laboratory Technologies are specially developed for use in harsh environments, and can be used for batch sampling or for online measurements.
Baldwin Industrial Systems’ Mighty Mini Abanaki belt skimmers
Supplier news
27/09/10 - Baldwin's Mighty Mini Abanaki belt skimmer is one of the lightest skimmers in the world that can be easily hand carried to the source of a problem and provide efficient liquid and oil separation
Rapid Absorb 200 absorbent rolls and pads are ideal for water and petroleum based spills
Supplier news
23/09/10 - Available from Interfil, Rapid Absorb 200 absorbent rolls and pads have been designed to absorb petroleum and water based spills.
Magnum Spill Buster
Supplier news
16/09/10 - HydroTerra Pty Ltd offers the Magnum Spill Buster from Clean Earth Technologies, an automated free phase petroleum contamination pumping system.
Gun, lance and hose kits available from the BAR Group
Supplier news
14/09/10 - The BAR Group offers a variety of gun, lance and hose kits.
The Machinist Mixers by Dimac Tooling
Supplier news
13/09/10 - Dimac Tooling's Machinist Mixers coolant mixer provide a perfectly mixed coolant for machines that have consistent results and are long lasting.
The G Series disk skimmers by Dimac Tooling
Supplier news
12/09/10 - The G Series disk skimmers by Dimac Tooling automatically separate and remove tramp oil, extending coolant efficiency.
Dimac Tooling provides Zebra Sidewinder oil skimmers
Supplier news
11/09/10 - The ZVA6-30 Zebra Sidewinder tramp oil Skimmer by Dimac Tooling eliminates tramp oils, extending tooling and coolant life.
Zebra Belt skimmers by Dimac Tooling
Supplier news
10/09/10 - Zebra belt oil skimmers set the standard with easy to clean collection trays that are compatible with Zebra Diverter(TM) eliminating coolant in oil output.
Supplier news
06/05/10 - The 372400 mobile waste oil drainers from Alemlube can make a significant contribution to any modern, clean and professional automotive workshops.
Spill Kits from Spill Station Australia
Supplier news
29/03/10 - Spill Station Australia provides a range of equipment to store and handle liquid chemicals in a safe way. Spill kits from Spill Station Australia are colour coded general purpose spill kits.
Chainflex CF Robot Cable Family from Treotham
Supplier news
17/03/10 - The advanced Chainflex cable family from Treotham has been developed to suit different torsion applications.

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