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Floating oil absorbent booms
Supplier news
27/01/11 - Designed for use in containing and absorbing hydrocarbon spills on water, floating oil absorbent booms from BulBeck EnviroSolutions are capable of retaining more than sixty litres of fluid.
Magnum 100 Oil Recovery Skimmers
Supplier news
20/01/11 - Bulbeck EnviroSolutions offers a wide range of solutions for spill containment.
Europafilter oil cleaning systems
Supplier news
08/12/10 - Six SBS Marine platform supply vessels have been fitted with Europafilter oil cleaning systems in order to ensure the reliable performance of on board thrusters.
The oil filtration system has improved the performance of the MF Fedjefjord
Supplier news
07/12/10 - Norwegian company Tide Sjo had been experiencing ongoing problems related to contaminated lube oil aboard its ferry MF Fedjefjord and required a suitable oil filtration unit.
Europafilter oil cleaning systems have improved productivity at the Gyda oil platform
Supplier news
03/12/10 - A Europafilter Kidneyloop oil filtration unit was recently installed at the Gyda oil platform in order to improve performance of a hydraulic crane at the site.
Europafilter Kidneyloop oil filtration unit
Supplier news
02/12/10 - Operational reliability at the Kollsnes natural gas processing plant in Norway was recently improved with the installation of an Europafilter Kidneyloop oil filtration unit.
Europafilter EF series oil cleaning systems
Supplier news
01/12/10 - Basil V R Greatrex supplies Europafilter EF series oil cleaning systems that allow customers to reuse their oil for many years, significantly reducing consumption and machine downtime.
OTS60PB Portable Oil Testers
Supplier news
19/11/10 - The OTS60PB fully automatic, battery powered, portable oil testers are electronically controlled to the maximum voltage of 60 kV.
Megger OTS60SX Oil Testers
Supplier news
17/11/10 - The Megger OTS60SX lightweight, semi-automatic, oil testers are suited to field use and can be powered from a variety of mains supplies.
Flushing Oil Concentrate (FOC) helps to remove sludge from diesel engines
Supplier news
21/10/10 - Available from Cost Effective Maintenance, Flushing Oil Concentrate is formulated from specific detergents, not solvents.
Kleen-N-Dry oil absorbents
Supplier news
11/10/10 - Kleen-N-Dry oil absorbents offer a natural way to control and remediate hydrocarbons from soil or solid surfaces, and are now available from CI Agent Solutions.
Pamas S4031 portable particle counters
Supplier news
06/10/10 - Pamas S4031 portable particle counters supplied by Crea Laboratory Technologies are specially developed for use in harsh environments, and can be used for batch sampling or for online measurements.

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