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Oil Additives

Remove particulate and water (oxygen)
Basil V R Greatrex
Oil Filtration and Cleaning Systems designed for commercial and industrial applications
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Founded in 1919, Basil V R Greatrex have been providing a range of engineering products and services that have enabled manufacturers to improve equipment life and reduce maintenance costs.  Basil V R Greatrex's products are used in every manufacturing ...
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Bardahl fights against your vehicles worst enemies, working hard to keep your vehicle running at it's best. Add Bardahl to your car or truck and give it the additive boost it needs to continue running at it's best. Ahesives and sealants Indusrtial ...
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CEM (Cost Effective Maintenance Pty Ltd) provide FTC /FPC COMBUSTION CATALYST diesel fuel additive to the mining and earthmoving industries. FTC/FCP removes carbon from pistons, valves and bores, while operating. This increases diesel engine efficiency, ...
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TOHO 9000 superb oil vitamin isn't just an additive, it is an environmental product that can extend the oil change interval by 20 times longer, reduce oil and fuel consumptions, reduce emission.
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Thermaltek are Australian Distributors of Militec-1 oil.
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Fuel and oil additives
Supplier news
30/04/14 - Cost Effective Maintenance offers a high quality range of fuel and oil additives formulated to address automotive and machinery problems.
Flushing Oil Concentrate (FOC) helps to remove sludge from diesel engines
Supplier news
21/10/10 - Available from Cost Effective Maintenance, Flushing Oil Concentrate is formulated from specific detergents, not solvents.
Flushing Oil Concentrate
Supplier news
21/01/10 - Cost Effective Maintenance offer a flushing oil concentrate to safely remove heavy, persistent engine sludge without dismantling engines.
Fuel measuring equipment fitted to prime mover
Supplier news
16/02/09 - Cost Effective Maintenance have unveiled a series of products that would improve fuel economy in vehicles. The products include FTC Decarbonizer, Cleanpower, Flushing Oil Concentrate and AW10 antiwear
Timken’s new sales rep, Nathan Little.
Supplier news
30/09/05 - DIVERSIFIED automotive aftermarket supplier, Australian Timken, has appointed Nathan Little, 21, as Automotive Technical Sales Representative, Queensland and NT. Nathan will be responsible for maintaining distributor and customer relations and sales ...

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